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Dominican Republic: A UFO Sighting Over Santo Domingo (2005)



DATE: August 29, 2005

Dominican Republic: A UFO Sighting Over Santo Domingo

(from a report by Ing. Carlos R. Peña)

 "At 12:50 pm today (08.29.05) I was able to witness a completely black UFO at an altitude of between 1000 and 3000 meters. I say this because the object flew between a low cloud (rain cloud) and medium altitude cloud (white cloud). We know that rain clouds are usually at an altitude of between 1500 to 2500 meters, with the lowest ones at 1000 meters and the higher ones between 2500-3000 meters.

 "The object was traveling from West to East and its shape was hard to describe. I was unable to define its shape, but I believe it was something at appeared to be vertical (sic). Something like the alleged "flying humanoids" seen in Mexico over recent months. I cannot relate it to any other object, such as balloons, birds, airplanes, etc. on account to its very strange shape.

 "Unfortunately I did not have time to a photograph, as the sighting lasted only some 40 seconds and I did not have a camera at hand.

 "The object was flying in an even, single-row movement, except for a moment in which it a maneuver resembling a soft curve, which I estimate at some 5-10 degrees.

 "I hope other people in my country saw the object and may therefore dispel any questions about the event. I will keep you informed about the event."

[Translation (C) 2005. Scott Corrales (IHU). Special thanks to Carlos R. Peña]