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Peru: E.T. Mummies in Mexico, "A Sorry and Shameful Fraud"



Source: La República (Peru)

Date: September 15, 2023

 Peru: E.T. Mummies in Mexico, "A Sorry and Shameful Fraud"

 Anthony Choy, a renowned Peruvian ufologist, was a guest on the America Hoy television program to discuss the alleged extraterrestrial mummies presented recently before the Mexican congress. The former radio host was very upset, describing the alleged evidence of 'non-human' cadavers found in Peru as a fraud - a story that became known worldwide.

 The ufologist refuted all that was said regarding mummies whose provenance is allegedly the Nazca culture, and a thousand years old. Moreover, Mexico's Universidad Autónoma (UNAM) refuted that the Carbon-14 tests performed on the specimens would be capable of establishing their origin, as they can only ascertain their antiquity.

 "I would like to denounce this sorry and shameful fraud that offends Peru and Peruvian institutions. I would like to make it clear that I have researched these subjects for 24 years, and throughout this time, non-human beings are among us, living among us, the UFO phenomenon is completely real. However, what is being done in Mexico beggars belief, because it is an insult to Peru, and to archaeological heritage," [Choy] said on air.

 With over 20 years’ experience, the researcher raised his voice and called upon the Ministry of Culture to become involved in the matter, saying that the figures shown abroad are mummies found in Nazca, modified to adopt an extraterrestrial appearance.

 "This is a matter for the police. I call upon the police, and Mincul (Ministry of Culture), to go to the San Luis Gonzaga University. There they will find a body - the mummy called María. It is a 1000-year-old Nazca mummy. These people have cut off the mummy's thumb and index finger, and then made up its face to turn it into an alien. It is an outrage against our archaeological heritage," he said.

 Jorge Anthony Choy Montes, known as Doctor Choy, is a ufologist, research journalist, attorney, author and broadcaster with masters' degrees in Social Communication from PUCP and another in Defense and Agropspatial Develoment from the Escuela de Guerra of the Peruvian Air Force. He was also a senior researcher in the Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research Department (DIFAA) and entered the paranormal field performing hypnotic regression session. His radio shows were "Viaje a Otra Dimensión (Radio Capital) and "No Estamos Solos" (RPP)

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