Friday, December 01, 2023

Uruguay: Air Force Investigates Intermittent Lights in Paysandú


Source: El Observador (newspaper)
Date: February 23, 2023

Uruguay: Air Force Investigates Intermittent Lights in Paysandú

According to Paysandú's Diario El Telégrafo, a dozen people witnessed dazzling red lights flashing on and off in the vicinity of the El Por Qué No ranch, located in Termas de Almirón.

Cridovni, the Unidentified Flying Object Report Reception and Investigation Comission, a dependency of the Air Force, received reports concerning sightings of intermittent lights at Termas de Almirón this Friday, the commission reported on its Twitter account.

"In view of the reports received regarding the sighting of intermittent lights in the skies over Termas de Almirón, department of Paysandú, Cridovni's participation has been requested," said the Air Force.

"This commission has deployed researchers to this part of the country to glean information and interview witnesses in order to set an investigation in motion," it added.

According to El Telégrafo de Paysandú, a dozen people saw dazzling, flashing red lights that turned on and of in the vicnity of the El Por Qué No ranch.

Cridovni is interviewing witnesses. The following stage is to see photographic records and compare data with information from airport radar systems, explained Marcelo Lorenze, a spokesman for the Air Force.

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