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1973: Chile - An Underwater UFO Base in the Waters of Mejillones?


 Source: IIEE Chile

Date: 02.20.2024

Article Date: 21-september 1973

 1973: Chile - An Underwater UFO Base in Mar de Mejillones?

 *A pair of enormous flying saucers has caused suspense and mystery in the northern region of the country.

*Information comes from the port with dark-hued cliff sides. Mejillones looks upon the desolate extension of the Paciencia Plain and the isolated community of Baquedano. The Valenzuela and Bencoret mountain ranges are also present.

 All through this distant or inhospitable region, sun-seared during the day and freezing cold at night, it is only traversed by the Ferrocarril Longitudinal Norte rail line and the paved stretch of the Pan-American Highway.

This entire region also recorded sightings of unknown, luminous objects on Saturday night as they slowly roamed through space, much like weary travelers after a lengthy voyage. Their travel was recorded by several witnesses as the object passed over the hills of Baquedano to the rocky Punta de Angamos, which plunges into the rough waves of the sea. The presence of strange objects hailing from the mysteries of heaven has left behind, on occasion the alarming suspense brought about by the unknown.


 During the final months of last year, shortly before midnight (00:00 hours) a similar event occurred that achieved widespread renown thanks to statements made by the authorities and the full complement of a police station. Now, the event has played out yet again in the fading hours of Saturday night.

What at first appeared to be wandering stars turned into two bright, flying disks as they engaged in a slow descent, leaving a wake of multicolored lights as they headed toward the sea. The flashes of light were so intense that upon reaching the ocean, the object thoroughly lit the water and waves of Punta Angamos. As occurred the first time around, the lights made a slow descent [into the ocean] vanishing completely from the surface.

While this event is utterly strange, it shares the same characteristics as the previous event. It is enough to lead us to suppose - and with sufficient grounds - that the mysterious flying saucers off the coast of Mejillones descend as though they had an unknown submarine platform in those parts.


[Translation (c) 2024 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Raul Núñez, IIEE]