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Argentina: Local Resident Claims Having Seen and Photographed a UFO



Source: La Arena (Argentina)

Date: 02.22.2024

 Argentina: Local Resident Claims Having Seen and Photographed a UFO

 [Note: We have been cautioned by researcher Luis Burgos of FAO/ICOU that this could be lens flare, but we are including it nonetheless for information purposes - SC]

 COLONIA CATRIEL - On Wednesday night, a local resident walking through a public urban space in this locality managed to photograph an "unidentified flying object". Several images made the rounds of social media in Catriel and reached the Internet in [the city] of 25 de Mayo.

 Catriel25Noticias, the local media outlet, conveyed this information. Its website disclosed that 'a local resident taking a constitutional through the Barrio Parque YPF district observed a luminous object suspended in the air. He suspected at first that it was a drone, but as it remained in the same spot for several minutes, it caught his attention.' The object later rose quickly until it vanished.

The man claimed having witnessed the luminous device around 22:00 hours and took several photos of it from a spot located at the intersection of General Mosconi Avenue - the main point of access to Catriel - with Estrellas Avenue and Jamaica Street. The local resident said that the photos were taken between YPF Laguna, Plaza de las Energias and Plaza de la Actividad Física.

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