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Ecuador: Full Video of Alleged UFO Sighting Over Quito Released



Date: 10.26.2023

Article by Carlos Bolaños

 Ecuador: Full Video of Alleged UFO Sighting Over Quito Released

 It was on October 21 when a TikTok user managed to capture what might be an unidentified flying object. Although the video achieved considerable popularity at the start of this week, a second installment provides additional seconds of this unusual event.

 The recording features a considerable part of the viral video, although its ending allows us to greatly appreciate the alleged UFOs movement. It is likewise possible to identify a greater amount of colors present in the saucer-shaped object.

 What's Wrong With The Recording?

 Despite the fact that humans now have the tools needed to obtain top quality images, the majority of mobile devices (i.e. smartphones) do not have the ability to detect these objects in motion.

 "I found out yesterday that it isn't easy. One isn't ready to record at that very moment, and much less when traveling in a moving vehicle and unable to stop." These were the words of the TikTok video creator, facing demands for higher resolution.

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