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Ecuador: Ministry Has Proof of UFO Sightings



Source: (Ecuador)

Date: 08.3.2023

 Ecuador: Ministry Has Proof of UFO Sightings

 They have visited Ecuador and the Ministry of Defense has recorded their activity. Barely 44 of 412 items of evidence - photo and video - of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in our country have been reviewed by the Comisión Ecuatoriana para la Investigación del Fenómeno Ovni (Ecuadoran Commission for UFO Research - CEIFO).

 This group operated between 2005 and 2007 and its purpose was to disclose proof of alleged extraterrestrial craft kept by the Ministry of Defense, decreed by former presidents Lucio Gutierrez (2003-2005) and Rafael Correa (2007-2017).

 This commission was spearheaded by ufologist Jaime Ramírez, who interviewed the citizens and military men involved in the sightings. These items were provided to Extra.

 According these witnesses were officers like Col. Eustorgio Pacheco, who fired a rifle against one such craft, and Maj. Leonidas Enríquez, a pilot with the Ecuadoran Air Force (FAE) who observed a strange craft during a mission.

 In 1975, Pacheco was assigned to the Tigre regiment in the province of Loja on the Peruvian border. According to his eyewitness account, he saw a light descending near their encampment while he stood guard in the early morning hours.

 "That would have been around three o'clock in the morning. A round light began to descend. I summoned by fellow soldiers, but they refused to leave their tents out of fear. I was scared and that light drew closer - and that's why I opened fire. Then it moved upward and hid in the clouds," Pacheco explained.

 In 1998, pilot Enríquez embarked on missions along the beach at Crucita in the Portoviejo canton of Manabí Province. During one flight - at a distance of 5000 feet (1524 m), using his aircraft as a reference point - two rhombus-shaped, glowing objects approached him.

 "I asked the control tower if there was any air traffic about and they replied negative. When I approached the objects, they moved in  a strange way and hid behind the mountains of Crucita," said Enríquez.

 Former vice president Luis Parodi (d. 2020) also contributed to the investigation. In 1992, during a gathering at his home in Guayaquil, he recorded the erratic movement of a strange object in the sky.

 On September 5, 2005, dentist Antonio Osoro videotaped a cluster of approximately 50 bright circles in the sky over Quito. "They resembled balloons, but these were luminous and moved quickly. Then they vanished one by one."

 According to Jaime Rodríguez: "When CEIFO was in operation, there were two members of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) present and they always hindered our work, always put forth refusals. The government allowed me to examine the archives, but I was only able to see a few. CEIFO was closed on account of the CIA."

 The Ministry of Defense, according to the specialist, has evidence supporting the presence of UFOs in Ecuador. "They have videos and photos of sightings, but no physical evidence. By now we should not be debating whether or not aliens exist - we should be endeavoring to find their origin."

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