Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Peru: "He Appeared to Me"

Source: Peru.com
Date: 06/10/07

Peru: "He Appeared to Me"

The controversy rages on. Mariel Ramos Oré, 12, who suffers from stigmata and whose case has astonished the community of Chincha, revealed that Jesus Christ appeared in her home and asked her to seek unity among all Peruvians.

"He appeared in my home and asked me to seek unity among all Peruvians, so we'll quit fighting," said the girl, who bleeds from the palms of her hands and her feet, as well as her forehead, according to RPP Noticias.

It should be noted that the girl gives visitors pieces of cotton stained with her own blood; many of them say that she performs miracles and has healed them of their illnesses.

Stigmata represent a strange phenomenon that affects men and women alike, and whose bodies replicate the wounds of Christ during the fatal moments of his crucifixion.

Mariel Ramos Oré is a middle-school student in Colegio Santa Ana, Chincha. Her teachers and the school psychologist remark about her aggressive behavior and low grades.

(Translation (c) 2007, IHU. Special thanks to Alex Sender).