Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Argentina: Abduction Interrupted?

Argentina: Abduction - Interrupted?

This report comes to us from one of the most trusted sources in the country - journalist and UFO researcher Quique Mario of the CEUFO group - but we cannot provide our readers at this time with the exact date of these events or the names of the parties involved. Inquiries have already been made and more information shall be provided as soon as it is received.

According to Quique Mario, the incident is one of several that have "continued to occur" in UFO and cattle mutilation-prone La Pampa. The experiencers have requested anonymity although several external sources have confirmed these events. A woman from an undisclosed location in this Argentinean province claims having witnessed the maneuvers of one or several UFOs in the vicinity over the past four years. Moreover, "she managed to discover that the occupants were tall (some 2 meters) and in some cases no taller than 1.60," writes the journalist. Interestingly, the woman states that this height difference resulted in different behaviors on the part of the alleged ufonauts: the taller ones gave the witness "the impression that they were like robots, judging by their movments" -- echoes of the mind-bending Cisco Grove, California event of the early 1960s.

Ten days ago, states the CEUFO report, one of the two unidentified objects descended to ground level but without landing, and an effort was made to abduct the witness, who was holding on to her five year-old son at the time. "Her husband's presence kept the beings from carrying out their goal, as he reacted by hanging on to her legs and pulling her downward, even as she was being transported towrd the strange object against her will." CEUFO adds that the incident caused a commotion in the area and that a radio journalist visited the scene of the events.

"This event can be added to a series of occurences that have been taking place in a vast region of the province, without any official explanation having been given to these phenomena," reads the text. "Restlessness prevails in some areas and fear has caused some rural workers to stop working at night."

We are waiting for an update on this report from INEXPLICATA contributing editor Guillermo Gimenez.

If events are indeed as described in the report, we are looking at what could be a "classic" 60s and '70s abduction scenario, lacking any manner of paranormal overtones or bedroom visitations, orchestrated by humanoid-type occupants and their "robotic" minions.