Friday, July 03, 2009

Chile: The Valle de Elqui Photo Analyzed

Source: El Dia de La Serena (Chile)
Date: July 2, 2009

Chile: The Valle Del Elqui Photograph Analyzed

Ufologist Patricio Diaz analyzed the photo after people described it as a lens flare or film defect.

The photograph was taken by a reader in Valle del Elqui and allegedly showed a UFO that is still a source of argument. Ufologist Patricio Diaz analyzed the photo, in view of comments suggesting that it was a lens flare or a defect in the film. "Over the course of last week," he noted, "readers of El Dia were able to witness the presenation of a curious photo taken in Valle de Elqui using a 35mm film camera. Since the prudent thing to do was learn more about the affair, I headed to Monte Grande, got in touch with the owner of the photo, and inspected the negative."

He was able to ascertain on site, he explains, that the photo was taken outside the house, specifically in its back yard, and therefore there was no window whatsoever that could account for a reflection on glass.

"I personally took the negative to a photo lab where I was told that the negative was in perfect shape and that what appeared in the photo was indeed there," says Diaz, remarking that the camera employed was a simple point-and-shoot device.

"After the on-site investigation and personally seeing the place, I can indicate with the information currently in my possession that the photo is hardly a reflection, since there is no glass outside the house or facing it.

As a general remark he adds that the controversial photo was taken with ISO 100 35 milimeter film.

(Translation (c) 2009, S.Corrales IHU. Special thanks IIEE - CHILE)