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Strange New Humanoid Presence on the Beaches of Necochea, Argentina

Strange New Humanoid Presence on the Beaches of Necochea, Argentina
By Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO – INEXPLICATA contributing editor

Once more we find ourselves with direct information regarding strange presences during the month of May 2014 on the shores of Necochea, Argentina.
It is here that we have found four (4) witnesses who speak of seeing strange lights at night on the Necochea’s very shoreline, its beach, as well as sightings of a strange humanoid-type creature. These events occurred on Sunday, 18 May and Tuesday, 20 May at night.

In both cases, the sightings took place from an apartment on the coast of the swimming resort itself. It should be noted that at the time, these were very cold evenings and with rain/showers during the first incident. The beaches of Necochea are illuminated by very large floodlights, allowing witnesses in these cases to see the strange presences.
The names of the protagonists have been changed at their own request, but all information is in my possession.
Let us hear now from the protagonists of these events.

Strange Lights over the Beach

The evening of Sunday, 18 May 2014 was a very cold one, with steady rain and rain showers. There was no one on the shoreline, and some wind was prevalent over the area. Two technicians for a major corporation – whom we shall call Ramiro Z. and Christian B., were looking through the window of an apartment located facing the sea, on the 11th floor of an important new building in the village.

Ramiro Z. and Cristian B. are professionals in different technical areas. They perform their duties for a well-known company in Necochea and are 48 and 50 years old, respectively. They told us:

“We were looking through the window of the apartment located facing the sea and something caught our attention. We could see some strange lights lighting the very edge of the sea, but given their distance, it wasn’t possible to make them out clearly. Imagine our surprise when moments after seeing these lights, located around Avenida 2 and Calle 81, approximately, but on the shore, at its very edge, we saw a person walking in that direction out of thin air – a person we were unable to see clearly. We call it a person because it was a humanoid figure heading toward the lights. We then called another person, whom we shall call Guadalupe P. to come have a look. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to make out the humanoid figure, but did manage to glimpse the lights at the very edge of the sea, on the beach itself. The figure vanished moments later, as did the strange lights on the shore. The time was approximately 22:15 – 22:20 hours of the evening. It should be noted that it wasn’t a 4x4 truck or any motorcycle that could have been on the beach, since the lights were different and they [cast light] like a spotlight on that part of the shore. Furthermore, it was raining, and no one under such circumstances is going to wander around the shore on a cold and rainy night.”

That was the story of my two eyewitnesses, both of them fully qualified by their studies and the functions they carry out in their jobs.
They believe it was a strange object, while unable to make out its size or shape. What they saw with a humanoid shape could have also been its occupant, who for some reason stopped on the shore before returning and vanishing abruptly. They were unable to make out any clothing or facial features at all.

It should be noted that seeing lights and strange objects on the Necochea shoreline is quite common: over the sea, exiting and/ or entering its depths, hovering over vessels waiting their turn to enter the Port of Quequén-Necochea – in short, the case histories are abundant in these matters and I myself have witnessed some of them.

A Strange Humanoid Presence on the Shore

Two days after these events – more precisely Tuesday, 20 May – Mrs. Guadalupe P. and her daughter Marcela P. noticed the strange presence of a humanoid-type “person” who “floated as it walked” on the shore itself, also at night and without anyone else being there. They were in their apartment facing the shoreline on Avenida 2 of the city of Necochea.

This is the story of both protagonists:

This is the testimony of Guadalupe P., a professional, married with three children, age 52. He holds a senior position in a teaching institution in Necochea:

“On May 20 at approximately 22:15 hours, my 17-year-old daughter summoned me because she had seen something “strange” moving along the seashore from south to north. I should explain that we live facing the sea on the 11th floor. It was a clear but very cold night. An ethereal figure in whitish hues, yet simultaneously transparent, could be made out. It stood 1.60/1.65 meters tall, average. Considering how cold it was that evening, it really caught our attention. It gave the impression of flying in the air (its feet were unsupported). In order to see it better, we turned off the lights of the apartment and looked out the balcony, opening the window. We were able to confirm that the figure was traveling in the air. Facing our seaside apartment there is a wooden platform (used in the summer as a bar and refreshment vending point) and this figure stopped there for a few seconds before moving on. We saw it for a few meters but lost it from sight in front of the sandbanks. It should be noted that the beaches are lit up to that point. We don’t know if it went into the sea or kept walking toward the seawall. All of this happened over a 250 meter stretch.”

This is the statement of her daughter Marcela P., a 17-year-old student:

“20 May 2014 was a very cold night. It would’ve been around 22:15 hours, approximately. I was sitting in an armchair in my apartment on the 11th floor, looking out onto the Necochea seashore. Spotlights lit the beach, there was no one around, but I managed to see a “person”. For this reason, I called my Mom over so she could look, and as she regarded it for a few seconds, realized it wasn’t a person, since it didn’t appear to be wearing clothes, a scarf, hats or shoes (and as I said earlier, it was a very cold night). For that reason we turned off the apartment’s lights, looked out from the balcony and could see it more clearly. The figure stood approximately 1.60 meters, I think, an average height, was very diffuse, its lower body was barely visible. What we could see clearly, though, is that it was moving in the air, as if floating. It kept going for some 100 meters until it reached a platform with wooden pilings that is used in the summer as a refreshment stand. It stopped there, lingered a few seconds, and kept going another 150 meters, although its figure became less noticeable, it became more diffuse, until it finally vanished altogether. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this. I was stunned. For that reason I keep looking through the balcony at night, hoping to see something like it again.”

These are the direct eyewitness reports of the protagonists of this strange sighting. On the full shores of Necochea, on a very cold night with no one around. When I asked about lights near the edge of the sea or elsewhere, both told me that there were no lights in evidence, as in the previous case. They did clearly see this strange humanoid figure, floating as it walked. It was in the air. It seemed to vanish at times, as parts of its body could not be seen. Its size was apparently normal. Could it have been the same creature seen two days earlier by Ramiro Z. and Cristian B.? What was it looking for on the seashore, and wandering along the coastline? Where did it finally go?


Necochea is no stranger to UFO sightings and the presence of its occupants. I have personally looked into dozens of cases with multiple witnesses of varied socio-cultural backgrounds, finding true cases of UFO encounters as well as with the presence of occupants, such as the famous incident I dubbed “The Amelia Case: Contact in Necochea, Argentina” on 14 February 1988, with the sighting of two humanoid beings, and years ago, on 31 August 1978, a sighting of strange amorphous beings – a case I dubbed “The Estancia La Dulce Case – A UFO Encounter with Amorphous Entities”, and more recently the strange photo taken in November 2013 at Necochea Beach, showing the photo of a tall humanoid – an image that went around the world through the news and UFO media. “The Humanoid of Necochea Beach”, was the title I gave it. They have also left their mark in a wealth of landing incidents, such as the Aeroclub Gral. Necochea incident of 9 November 1968, the ground marks found on February 1988 in a house in Miguel Lillo Park, the six circles discovered on Thursday, 11 February 1988 on the premises of the Sociedad Rural de Necochea (“Strange Prints in Necochea”) and finally, another print found on 24 December 2013 near a field in Necochea (“Strange Print Found in a Field Near Necochea”) where a large, perfect circle measuring 11 meters was found in a wheat field. The cases continue and I could keep listing them --- UFO chases such as the famous case known as “The Necochea Incident: Analysis of a Contact” in August 1962, micro-flaps in 1978 during the month of August of that year, and may other events that took place in various seasons of the year since 1962 (which I have followed up on and researched many years later, as I wasn’t born at the time) to this date. Multiple sightings over the city, over the sea, over the Quequén River, over the Park, over the adjacent locality of Quequén, photographs, video recordings of these events, and coming across the widest variety of witnesses as the protagonists of these events.

What happened last May on the shores of Argentina can be added to this rich and important case history within world ufology. I personally believe that these events played out exactly as told by the witnesses. A strange humanoid figure traveled along the coast of Necochea – for reasons unknown to us – one night in May 2014.

Research by Guillermo D. Giménez
Necochea, Argentina

[Translation (c) 2014, Scott Corrales, IHU]