Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Spain: Rhomboidal Object Over Southern Spain?

Source: GEIFO

Angel Rodriguez of Spain's Grupo GEIFO writes: "I had a shocking experience last night. Around 10:45 pm I heard the noise or the sound of what I took to be a cargo plane. I raised my eyes to see, above me, a very large rhomboid with four lights, one in each corner and an intermittent light at its center. It was flying so low that I could make out its belly perfectly. It was well defined and illuminated. It wasn't flying very fast, because I assume it was going to come in for a landing at the Rota Naval Base, not too far from Jerez. Perhaps it was headed elsewhere, but it was heading toward the base."

"Its altitude was about a thousand meters above me, but that's a personal estimate that could well be wrong. The lighting of its lower fuselage made me think [the object] was grey in color. I had heard of its existnce, but had never seen it. The TR-3B is triangular, but this one was rhomboidal, with four vertexes.

"I saw it so close and so clearly that I was overwhelmed. I'm feeling ill and haven't recovered yet. I wish I'd never seen it.

"Weather conditions were clear skies, new moon, temperature of 9 degrees Celsius, wind at 15 kmh an hour.

"I was frightened, because I think these machines are developed from Nazi prototypes that are being manufactured today. It shows that 'they' are lying to us and that the technology these people use is pure science fiction to the rest of us mortals.

"Why am I feeling unwell? Because I have now ascertained that everything we have researched about this subject is true. And it is very, very heavy."

[Mr. Rodriguez attaches a drawing that closely matches the description of the object reported, dated 2013]