Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chile: UFO over Lenga

Source: Crónica and Ana Luisa Cid
Date: July 23, 2007

UFO over Lenga, Chile

According to the Chilean newspaper Crónica for July 23, 2007, 18 year old Victoria Ampuero photographed an unidentified flying object.

The events took place on Thursday, July 19 at 14:49 hours as she was photographing the landscape visible from her home in Lenga (Chile).

According to Victoria, the UFO was not visible to her eyes and only became aware of their presence when she checked the images on screen, describing the object as a "craft".

Until now, no photographic expert has checked the material. However, the paper's newsroom contacted astronomer Paris Bustos of the Penco Observatory, who said that the image is interesting and that many UFO sightings are really astronomical objects, atmospheric phenomena or camera problems.

Cronica has not published the photo in question, although it does dedicate a segment of its cover to this news item.

(translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)