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Costa Rica: UFO Video in Costa Rica

Date: December 2, 2007

Malvin Badilla, a Costa Rican construction worker, managed to record a very compelling video of a possible disc-shaped unidentified flying object.
The object appears to spin on its own axis and makes maneuvers in a matter of seconds. The witness states that its apparent size was slightly larger than that of a tractor tire, adding that the time was 3:49 in the afternoon.
Luis Carlos Monge elaborated on this report for Telenoticias, which was broadcast over the three separate editions.

Some aspects of the video:- Recorded on a Motorola cellphone in 3GP format.
- Duration of 15:06 seconds.
- There is a break at 3:19, when the zoom is applied, a situation that can be normal in some cellphone models when the zoom is used. This information must be checked against a similar phone.
- The object remains static and later changes position, tilting toward the left and the right in fractions of a second, showing other aspects such as: the upper, lateral and lower view, respectively.
- This copy of the video is from researcher Richard Sandi. The file was labeled "22-11-07-1550", leading me to suppose it is 22 November 2007. In Luis Carlos's report, dated 30 November, the witness claims to have recorded it :"some days ago" - therefore, the label could match the date of the sighting.

Mr. Badillo mentions being in the company of another person, his co-worker William Rivera, who pointed the flying object out to him. Badillo couldn't hear him it at first due to the noise of the drill he was using on the job.

Regarding audio, it should be noted that the copy I received appears not to have any. So I asked reporter Monge about it, and he replied verbatim: "Yes it does, but it is very low. You can hear the boy shouting William, William, then the drrill sound. According to him, the object made no sound whatsoever."

Ana Luisa Cid's Opinion

After reviewing the video several times, in slow motion and frame by frame, I believe that this could be genuine material and while it is true that "UFOs" can be created on the computer, it is nonetheless true that many people around the world have reported and documented artifacts of this sort.

The witness seems sincere and I find it feasible that he should have experienced a sighting.

I extend this opinion in a preliminary capacity, as we still need to see the research of Costa Rican ufologists, who will doubtless have a more qualified opinion by virtue of interviewing the witnesses and vistiting the site to conduct field work.

The video shall be transmited as an exclusive in Mexico on 7 December on the "Con Claridad" program on Channel 3 of Pachuca Television.

It should be noted that the images are the property of Teletica - Canal -7 - Costa Rica. (translator's note- Prof. Ana Luisa Cid requests that this be honored).

My thanks to: Pilar Cisneros (Asst. Dir. for Telenoticias), Reporter Luis Carlos Monge, researcher Richard Sandi.

The Videos:

┬┐Ovnis en Acosta? Reportaje de Luis Carlos Monge

Análisis del video por Ana Luisa Cid - YouTube

(Translation(c) 2007, S. Corrales - Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)