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Costa Rica: Satanists or Chupacabras?

Source: Diario Extra (Costa Rica)
Date: July 12, 2008

Costa Rica: Satanists or Chupacabras?
By Adolfo Ruiz

The owner of a horse was left startled and frightened when he found his animal lifeless and with a deep hole between its trachea and chest -- a hole through which the heart and liver were removed in an "excessively technical" manner.

"It's a tubular hole between the trachea and the pectoral, very deep, and it was through there, as thought a huge hand with powerful claws had gone inside, [the horse's] heart was removed," said Saul Ramirez, the nephew of the owner of the animal found dead in this mysterious and bizarre fashion, the first incident of its kind in the area.

Satanists or Goatsuckers?

The story that has spread among residents of Lilan is that the animal was slaughtered to remove its heart and liver for a traditional satanic ritual, one performed by the Devil's followers after consuming marijuana and alcohol, feeling the urge to indulge in "black masses" at night in certain regions of the hidden beaches of Cahuita. However, the still-recent manifestation of the Chupacabras was also brought to bear, and all of this because the animal was exsanguinated, barely leaving a small trace of blood.

"What's odd is that if an animal had been involved, it would have bitten it or caused external damage. The only injury it has is internal," added Saul.

The discovery was made yesterday morning. They were looking for the dapple grey horse they use to pull the cart filled with organic fertilizer around the area of Lilan de Cahuita, Talamanca (Limon). The farm is located 6 kilometers from Lilan toward San Rafael. The horse is always left in a pasture behind the Ramirez family's home. To bury the animal, it was necessary to bury it in an enormous ditch after cutting its legs off. Uncle and nephew did quite a bit of shoveling.

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