Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mexico: Santa Cecilia UFO was a Balloon

UFO at the Santa Cecilia Pyramid was a Balloon
by Ana Luisa Cid

The Santa Cecilia pyramid is a small Aztec structure located in the State of Mexico (Tlalnepantla).

It was consecrated to the Sun god (Tonatiuh) and the Rain god (Tlaloc), two important pre-Hispanic deities of Mesoamerica. It has a stairway located between two ramps and a sanctuary on its upper section. It is considered the only entire pyramid in Mexico. It was in this beautiful location that performer Jorge Reyes held a concert for the Equinoccio 2008 event, aside from other cultural activities.

At 20:45 hours and during the aforementioned Equinoccio 2008 celebrations, a number of spectators were startled to see a flying object moving at low altitude. Jose Antonio Perez Romero was able to obtain video footage of the alleged UFO.

During the course of the investigation, we found that the images have a considerable resemblance to Cantoya balloons, and I made this known to Jose Antonio, remarking that I had the opportunity to record this type of balloon in Tepoztlan. The author of the video replied the following:

"Hello again, Ana Luisa. I'm Jose Antonio, who took the Santa Cecilia video. Thanks for your willingness to analyze the video. I received a message from the event organizer clarifying the matter. It was, in fact, a balloon that was crafted for the event. It couldn't be any clearer, and I feel more tranquil now."

Ing. Humberto Villafuerte and Jesus Gonzalez delved deeper into the investigation: "The object was recorded toward the end of the event on July 10, 2008. It moves from south to north and flies behind the pyramid at an altitude of 150 meters approximately. It turns out that Jose Antonio Perez's video has gone viral and many opinions have been circulated since the month of April. Here in the municipality, the majority believes that it was a genuine UFO, but after a chat with Luis Alfonso Almarza (head of cultural events in Tlalnepantla)I mentioned the video and he told me it was a paper balloon, one of several launched during the closing of the event.

Curiously, despite being in circulation among people and having created great expectations, no one has reported this object nor its true nature. Young researcher Jesus Gonzalez was a witness of the sighting. He lives in the Santa Cecilia area and that night he attended the closing of the Equinoccio 2008 event. He studied the object's trajectory to create graphics and also interviewed the event organizer in Tlalnepantla, making the following determinations: a) The balloon was launched from the Tenayo II Public Housing building; b) it was a paper balloon with four luminaries on the ends of two crossed sticks, symbolizing the four pre-Hispanic horizons; c) several balloons were used in the decorations and pyrotechnics of the event; d) These were launched from various locations in the municipality of Tlalnepantla.

Due to the foregoing, we conclude that the Santa Cecilia "UFO" is a paper balloon that caused confusion among onlookers. Thanks to teamwork, an explanation was found. The honesty of videographer Jose Antonio Perez should be highlighted, and his willingness to cooperate with this research. Jose Antonio has allowed me to disseminate his recording in the hopes that this will help dispel some doubts regarding UFOs.

(Translation (c)2008,S.Corrales, IHU)


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