Saturday, November 08, 2008

Argentina: A 2003 Exposure to Radiation?

2003: Exposure to Unknown Radiation in Argentina?
By Raul Oscar Chaves - CIUFOS-LaPampa

The year was 2003. The location: a farmhouse located in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, where somewhat strange manifestations were taking place, among them the dehydration of plants (acacia bolla, damasca, parras) over a surface area with an approximate diameter of one meter.

Subsequently, water was found to be missing from the swimming pool, which measures 4 x 6 x 1.50 meters. The missing amount was estimated at some 4800 liters. Simultaneous to this event was the appearence of a light-green frog, along with second one of a local variety of the kind found in this area. At this time the pool had only 20 cm of water left in it. The unusual, out-of-place frog vanished only days later; it was determined that it was a poisonous tree-frog of a tropical variety (not native to the area).

Also at that time, a whitish pattern began to appear in the grass, measuring some 5 cm wide and forming an oval. Over the nest few days, it wound up forming a "horseshoe" measuring some 2.30 meters wide by 4.30 meters long. The grass had the proper shape and volume but looked dehydrated, possibly due to exposure to very high temperatures or radiaton. When attemtping to dig it up with a shovel, the underlying soil presented an exceedingly high degree of consistency or compating. A brown and red hornet, a species proper to the region, was found dead on the grass along with a sparrow. Were these deaths due to radiation exposure?

At that time the house contianed two Doberman Pinschers that suddenly displayed signs of rapid and visible weight loss. Both animals were physically unstable and it was necessary to force-feed them for many days until they recovered. Not long after this, a Cocker Spaniel betrayed signs of neurological damage as indicated by a dropping of its jaw and hip in a systematic manner. Eight veterinarians were consulted and none of them was able to explain the source of the malady or problem, and suggested that the dog be euthanized. This suggestion was rejected outright (another victim or radiation?).

After the backyard was reseeded in February, grass began to grow with a dark green coloration toward the end of September that year. When inspected, it was attested that chlorophyll levels in the area were affected, as well as the microfauna.
Soon after this, designs measuring 5 cm wide by 50 cm tall began to appear, transforming into characters or "letters" in a faded yellow color against the grass (temperature/radiation?). The strange letters vanished after the grass was mowed. I would like to make clear that these events (the marks/letters) were recorded on photographs and videos which were subsequently circulated in various Lists).

The current opinion is that these phenomena are closely related to the UFO phenomenon, while the object themselves were not visible due to the fact that human eye is "contained" within a bandwith of 10 to 6 meters and a frequency of 1014/1015 Hz, which is to say, the human eye is formatted in such a manner.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU)