Tuesday, December 09, 2008

UFO Contacts and Abductions

UFO Contacts and Abductions
By Ing. Gustavo NelĂ­n

60 years have gone by since Kenneth Arnold saw "flying saucers" from his private plane over Washington State. In the intervening years, we hardly know anything else about the matter. Nonetheless, the UFO phenomenon has in some way managed to become more extensive, invading fields such as the psychic and the religious, aside from such rumors as the Roswell crash or the ever-present Hangar 18, which are related to the "great UFO cover-up" allegedly perpetrated by the U.S intelligence community.

From George Adamski onward, a wave of rumors involving contact by apparently extraterrestrial beings sweeps across the country. They were tall and blonde, hailing from the planet Venus, and came in peace, acting as our elder brothers.
Between 1968 and 1978, small humanoid beings -- having large black eyes and lacking ears or noses -- are reported in different parts of the world. Hypnotic regression reminded the protagonists of the Betty Hill case (1961) that they experienced a surgical procedure aboard their ship, and these creatures claimed to be from another star system.

Between 1980 and 1990, ufologists intensified their search for the UFO phenomenon. Bestselling books on the subject, such as Missing Time, Intruders, Communion and Transformation, dealing with the subject of nocturnal abductions, deal with extraterrestrial "grey" creatures who perform sinister experiments on helpless human beings who are unable to remember the events without the benefit of hypnotic regression.

The contactee phenomenon is hardly a new one: it is well known throughout the histories of many cultures and civilizations, and to a lesser degree, there are also historical antecedents for the abductions.

By "contactee" we must understand the relationship, be it visual, auditory, telepathic, onirical or even physical, with intelligent non-human creatures.

Contactees may be divided into the following categories:

1. Prophets, visionaries, and psychics such as Jesus, Nostradamus, Adamski, Rael, Moses, Hill, etc.
2. Groups or cults such as the Ashtar Command, Tuella, Marla, the Mormons, E. Siragusa, Scientology, Nazism, etc.
3. Entire nations, such as the ancient Hebrews and their YHWH, the Etruscans and their "guide", and the Aztec Empire and its deities.

By "abductee" or UFO abduction, we must understand this to mean those cases in which a person or persons are introduced into an unknown vehicle, against their will, and where they routinely undergo physiological or medical examinations of some kind or another, and the subject(s) generally have no

Recollection of the event. The Mexican case involving a pilot like Antonio de los Santos Montiel is also an abduction experience.

A Biblical case dealing with a conscious abduction is that of the prophet Elijah, who was taken to heaven in a fiery whirlwind from which he was able to see the earth becoming smaller, and time in heaven went by more slowly (principles of the Special Theory of Relativity).

The Brazilian case of Antonio Villas Boas, in which the abductee is forced to have sexual contact with a female humanoid alien in order to procreate a child on another world.

As Charles Fort was moved to observe, it appears that we are owned by something.
Physical contacts of the "fourth kind", also known as abductions in the UFO world, are beginning to occupy a considerable space in the extensive literature on the subject. Yet there has been a change taking place in the last fifty years, and it involves the degree of fanaticism among the believers in the phenomenon from a cultic or religious standpoint: that the space brothers are the gods of antiquity, humanity's saviors, and are here to rescue us in case of an emergency!

This idea has increased to such broad proportions in these times due to economic crises, pollution, wars, the threat of nuclear warfare and the systematic destruction of nature and global ecology.

It is as if the gods of yesteryear no longer satisfy the people of the world, but the hope of finding extraterrestrial intelligence in some part of the universe has inspired the U.S. to spend 500 million dollars in its quest by means of SETI.

The Vatican has already stated that should any beings exist on other world, it will baptize them; Protestant churches have already planned to evangelize them, and the White House plans to democratize them.

To date, we really do not know what is going on, but it is evident that what is transpiring is nothing new -- merely part of the great manipulation to which humanity has been subjected since man achieved consciousness and knows that he is not alone in the universe, the solar system, or even on Earth.

(Translation (c) 2008 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ing. Gustavo Nelin)