Friday, September 04, 2009

Mexico: Hey, Hey We're the Squirrel Monkeys

Alejandro Franz is the director of Mexico's ALCIONE research organization and a veteran airliner pilot with Mexicana de AviaciĆ³n, with a number of impressive UFO sightings from the flight deck (including one over the Altar Desert which was described in SAMIZDAT newsletter of the '90s). Capt. Franz's organization has shared its the images of the "alien baby" with the rest of the UFO community along with the following text:

"The veterinarian [who researched the case] said that the animal was submerged in liquid to cure its hide; the proprietor of the ranch says the animal swallowed a poisoned rat. Why can't they get their lies straight? [This] is history-making physical evidence. The story of a "strange being" that a simple analysis - within the reach of any primary school child doing a 30 minute web search - would have confirmed as the carcass of a "squirrel monkey" caught in a trap [...] This is another deception brought to you by "intelligent television"

In the strange and convoluted Aughts, it's entirely possible that believers will still see in these bones the remains of a mission specialist from Epsilon Eridani, deserted by his fellow crewmembers when he fell into one of the cruel snares set by bestial homo sapiens. One must admit, though, that it's a good story -- better than anything on TV right now.