Friday, October 23, 2009

Argentina: UFO Emerges from River at Punta Piedras

Source: Grupo G.A.B.I.E and Diario Popular
Date: 10.23.09

Researchers of phenomena involving UFO refer to these events as “alerts” – they are meetings held at various parts of the country to skywatch and research so-called hotspots. The main goal, of course, is a direct expeirence with unidentified flying objects. A spectacular event took place at the locality of Punta Piedras, facing Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires: several experts in the subject were able to witness a red-hued sphere emerge from the water, ascend several meters as it changed its color to orange, and finally move away at full speed toward Uruguay.

The incredible case occured on July 25th at the locality in question, to the north of San Borombón bay, and had members of Grupo GABIE as its protagonists, who aside from researching UFOs, are also engaged in astronomy and other scientific studies. Pablo Lasa, Ariel Coppola, Martin Costes, Fernando Lisardo, Nicolas Lisardo and Catriel Lisardo were all present during this event.

According to their story, the skywatch was held at the “El Descanso” camping area in Punta Piedras. “The UFO skywatch and astronomical observation had been scheduled for the previous weekend, but it was necessary to postpone it for a week due to weather conditions,” they explained.

“It emerged from the water”

Of all the members of the group, it was Martin Costes who was able to see the phenomenon in greatest detail. “Pablo, Ariel, Fernando and his two sons were with me by the fire, discussing subjects related to astronomy, when the conversation took a twist and we started talking about UFOs,” he says. “After a few minutes of dialogue, I got up to import the meteorological data from the weather station into my notebook. Then I went back to the fire, which was only a few meters from the base. I standing there when something told me to go down toward the river. I decided to pay attention and go.”

At that moment, the episode that he will never forget occurred: “When I got thre, only seconds after watching the river, I saw a bright red sphere emerge from the water, rising approximately 15 to 20 meters, moving repeatedly from left to right, parallel to the river.”

A Strange Event

According to the witness, the object “began to vanish gradually until the distance kept us from seeing it. It should be noted that people at the campsite did not hear me calling, yet they were only five meters from my piosition. In other words, I wasn’t able to hear the conversations being held by the fellows over by the fire, and they claim not have heard me calling out. And that’s not all. Telescopes were aimed directly toward where the incident occurred at that moment. Another thing to be highlighted is that I remained in shock for 15 minutes after the sighting. This occurred at 1:00 in the morning,” remarks the specialist.

Costes (whose story can be heard on the Codigo OVNI radio program from August 31, 2009) explained that “the entire episode lasted some 3 minutes. The fellows managed to see some 30 seconds to perhaps a minute of the phenomenon.”

It Was Perfectly Round

Ariel Coppola was another of the experts who was able to see the phenomenon at Punta Piedras. “A perfectly round sphere, bright orange in color, could be seen. It was flanked by lights to its left and right, red and green in color, which twinkled like those of an airliner, as bright as a flash but with color,” he explained with regard to his experience.

Along with Fernando Lisardo, another of Grupo GABIE’s researchers remarked: “The time was already 3:30, the cold and dew caused us to break camp, and we put away our astronomical devices as we brought a very successful session to an end, as the excellent weather allowed us to meet goals that had been established beforehand, leaving us very satisfied.”

(Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Sebastian Aranguren and Pachi La Fata, Diario El Popular,