Monday, November 02, 2009

Argentina: Fabio Zerpa--Alleged UFO Has All the Makings of a Meteorite

Source: Diario Tucumanalas 7 (newspaper)
Date: 11.01.09

Argentina: Fabio Zerpa – Alleged UFO Has All The Makings of a Meteorite

A little over a month ago, Argentina was shaken by the news that a fireball has crashed in the Mendoza region. There was considerable speculation about the event, and now A LAS 7 brings you the version offered on the matter by Fabio Zerpa, a national expert on the subject.

Residents of General Alvera will never forget the evening that a “fireball” entered the skies and exploded in mid-air. They swore that what they witnessed was a UFO. In this interview, Fabio Zerpa dispels any questions that might still exist on the subject.

You’ve said that Mendoza is a land of UFOs. What is your opinion on the fallen meteorite?

Our foundation did not conduct on-site investigation due to a lack of time, on account of our cultural activities. Judging from our journalistic information and witness reports, the trajectory of the alleged UFO has the characteristics of a meteorite or the shell of an American rocketry effort, broken off from terrestrial space vehicles.

Is this the first time that such an event has occurred? When have they occurred before?

In countless cases, all over the planet’s surface.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)