Monday, November 09, 2009

Peru: Ufologists Claim Planet is "Monitored" by Extraterrestrials

[News items like this one cause me to think twice about posting them to INEXPLICATA, but the fact remains that contacteeism and mysticism still play an integral part of ufology in the Aughts, and show signs of growing rather than diminishing. Events with impressive titles such as the “4th World UFO Congress” should be scrutinized with care – Ed.]

Source: SDP Noticias
Date: 11.09.09

Peru: Ufologists Claim Planet is “Monitored” by Extraterrestrials

LIMA – 8 Nov (Notimex) – International experts in the unidentified flying object phenomenon (UFO) stated that the Earth is “monitored” by extraterrestrials and maintained that this would be a source of “concern” for the world’s most developed nations.

Specialists participating this weekend at the 4th World Congress of Ufology, held in the Peruvian capital, stated that the Peruvian coastal region of Chilca, as well as extensive areas of Argentina, are under “constant monitoring” by aliens.

Antonio Córdova, president of the Alfa y Omega organization, warned about the possibility that a “mass UFO invasion” could occur in 2013 and that an earthquake will “sink” the United States.

Córdova and a group of ufologists debated this weekend in Lima over aspects of “intergalactic foreign policy” and insisted that beings from other planets appear in our world.

Julio Chamorro, a retired commander of the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), one of the presenters at the event, claimed that there is clear concern among the great powers regarding the growing presence of UFO sightings.

He noted that the subject has been a source of concern for the world’s most developed nations since the 1940s, although they do not make open statements in this regard.

Moreover, Peruvian “parapsychic” Giannina Bertoli claimed to have “ties” with beings of other worlds, but furnished no proof to substantiate this, and only remarked that she has managed to have the extraterrestrial presence captured on videotape.

Anticipating criticism from the skeptical segments of the population, Bertoli regretted the fact that authorities in diverse countries refuse to accept the UFO presence out of fear of public scorn.

The Lima conference was organized by the Asociación Misionera de la Orden Revelada Alfa y Omega and the “Viaje a Otra Dimensión” radio program.

In the meeting, Córdova indicated that an alien “invasion” of Earth is underway, and to prove this, displayed some pieces of paper on which the Bible is interpreted and the manner in which a “flying saucer” may be confected.

Córdova, a 74 year old jeweler, hosts the weekly “La hora estelar de la divina revelacion Alfa y Omega” radio show, broadcast by the Union and Peru 880 radio stations.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)