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High Strangeness at Punta Indio

High Strangeness: Incident at Punta Indio
An Interview by Proyecto CATENT

{Arguments over which government has information on nuts-and-bolts spacecraft have kept us from paying attention to the overwhelming incidence of high strangeness events around the world. Perhaps it is easier to demand action from something we know all too well, and love to hate – our planet’s political establishment – than to take a long, hard look at cases that clearly show the presence of superhuman (or perhaps supra-human) forces at work in our midst. Since these events are not quantifiable, and are usually dismissed as part of the journalistic “silly season” (which no longer exists, in a 24-hour media cycle), they are relegated to less-distracting fields, such as folklore, cultural anthropology, etc. But when “folklore” materializes before the eyes of sober witnesses, or wanders into town, we ought to take a closer look at the matter.

This is precisely the subject of the following article/interview from our colleague Carlos Iurchuk’s El Dragón Invisible journal. Not enough can be said about Iurchuk’s work in the field of the paranormal and ufology, and his publication has become a safe haven for narratives that do not easily fit into the accepted paradigms. While the events occurred in 1990, they are no less fresh or relevant today – S. Corrales

Punta Indio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: February 1990
Location: Punta Indio, El Descanso Recreation Area
Witnesses: Emilio Cabot, Marcelo, Graciela and Nancy. Their surnames are unknown.
Research done by Proyecto CATENT

Transcript of the Interview conducted by researchers Mariela Verónica de Tomaso, Miguel Angel González Pombo and Claudio Miszka, members of Proyecto CATENT.

Q: When this did occur?
A: February 1990, at Punta Indio, the El Descanso recreational area. I belonged to an institute where I studied Parapsychology and the instructor was also a guide to metaphysical groups. He told us to start practicing mediation and that he...this was in 1989...and that the next year we would get together with other groups. And so it was. We had our first experience in December 1989 at Monte Grande, and that’s where the February 1990 date was set. A large group from San Miguel which, according to his statements, was very experienced in matters metaphysical and turned out to be exactly the opposite.

We arrived in the morning. There were six of us riding in a car. Then the entire group came in a microbus and got lost, arriving at 1800 hours more or less. We camped there, and we took the most favorable spot, having arrived first. Allegedly, one Roberto Mota brought Zulma Faiad there, along with a bunch of other contactees. Well, we got together, the microbus arrived, and we were some 40-50 people. A presentation was held and we meditated at 12 midnight. It was also said that after meditation, we were going to see a supposedly submerged city in the River Plate – a dome of light that emerged after midnight. We meditated, and as we did so, we heard [a sound] like footsteps behind us. We were seated in a large circle, some 30 meters from the river. They told us that they were gnomes – that the entire area was full of gnomes. After we emerged from meditation, and after seeing the dome of light over the river, around 1 a.m., that submerged ethereal city in the River Plate, four of us – two girls and a fellow from Temperley: Marcelo, Graciela and I think Nancy, from Lanús – sat down to chat about our experiences and Marcelo said: “Look at those four little eyes over there.”
We’d seen a lot of loose animals in the area – cows, dogs – and thought they were dogs. We raised our flashlight and projected... and saw two gnomes. Old, dressed in Dutch-fashion and we were startled. We stood up, and when we stood up, they ran behind a bush there, and it seemed that they dove in headfirst. That was our impression that they dived behind the bush headfirst. We took a look and there was absolutely nothing there.

Q: What color was their clothing.
A: Dutch-style, old fashioned.
Q: Color?
A: Can’t remember well. They were two old men.
Q: Did they wear boots?
A: Grey belted trousers with a large buckle. That drew my attention, the broad, large belt.
Q: Could you see a hat or hair on their heads?
A: They wore something like a top hat, you know, those top hats.
Q: Were they bearded?
A: No, they weren’t. They had wrinkled faces. But...seeing them...I still recall...made me feel peaceful. I was startled, but seeing that entity (sic) made me feel tranquil.
Q: Were you afraid?
A: Not at all. From the moment we went, we ran to the bushes.
Q: How did they move? Did they run, walk...?
A: They ran. When we lit them up at a distance of 10 meters, they ran, but we had the impression that they dove headfirst, or else vanished at that moment. That was our impression.
Q: And when you lit them with the flash light, did all four of you see them?
A: Yes, we had three flashlights between us. I had a large flashlight. We lit them up right there, you see.
Q: What did you say among yourselves later on?
A: We remarked that it was rather surprising to see them. Then I learned that another fellow from San Miguel took a photo of the group the next day and a female gnome could be seen on one of the trees. She was also dressed in Dutch fashion, sitting on a tree-limb, watching.
Q: Did you see this photo?
A: No, the guy didn’t want to display it.
Q: What were their eyes like?
A: Normal, like those of a human being. What was remarkable is that they stood out in the dark.
Q: When they ran, could you hear the footfalls?
A: No.
Q: No sound at all?
A: No, I saw them run, but I can’t tell you for sure.
Q: Was the speed normal?
A: Yes.
Q: What was it you saw in your earlier experience?
A: A very large dome of light that appeared to have buildings silhouetted inside it. There was a dot of light going from one tip of the dome to the other, constantly. The dome was moving to the right, southward. We could see it for over an hour.
Q: How far away was it?
A: Twenty or thirty kilometers into the river.
Q: Did you associate the beings with the dome?
A: Both appeared at the same time.
Q: What was your meditation like?
A: The meditation...well, people sat in a circle with a guide that asks for protection, and the purpose is to empty your mind and seek your inner self.
Q: Was it independent or guided?
A: Independent. At the end of the meditation, everyone told his or her own experience and at that moment, someone looked at the river, saw the dome and shouted.
Q: Could there have been some suggestion on the part of the guide?
A: Suggestion came in later meetings. Everything’s a bit premeditated. My experience and the conclusion that I reached from all this is that it’s all mental manipulation. I came to the group due to a parapsychology course I was taking.
Q: Do you think that seeing these gnomes could be related to the mental manipulation?
A: No, no, no. The manipulation is with regard to the cult similarity, asking you disassociate yourself. I got involved to see what it was like to practice mind control and meditation, and to know what a metaphysical group was about. The experience was overall positive, because I realized to the extent that you can be controlled and the point to which they can make you believe you’re seeing things. The group broke up in ’92 or ’93.
Q: What do you think the vision of the city could have been?
A: several groups, not only that one, saw it. Many saw it.
Q: Is the coast of Uruguay visible from there?
A: No, not at all. The three times I went there, I saw the dome and no lights on the Uruguayan coast.
Q: What was the weather like that night?
A: An awesome night. Calm and starry. It was February.
Q: You had dinner that day...did you make any special preparations?
A: No. [...] we had meat and drank beer. They asked us not to eat meat 24 hours before and refrain from drinking. I paid no attention and had the experiences all the same.
Q: Are you afraid to go back to the are?
A: No, not at all. I want to go back.
Q: Were the other three witnesses afraid?
A: No, not in the least.
Q: One or two beings?
A: Two beings.
Q: Were they boys? (laughter)
A: Yes, yes.
Q: And you never returned?
A: Three times.
Q: Did you see anything else?
A: No. The second time we saw the dome again, in stormy weather, and the third time nothing at all.
Q: Why weren’t you afraid?
A: Speaking for myself, I don’t know what it is to be afraid. I’ve been in this for 30 years and when they tell me something odd is happening, I dive right in. I’ve had to be stopped.

(End of Interview)

Once again, an entirely reliable account about a nonsensical experience that would be utterly unbelievable for most people. Beings that do not, and cannot exist, yet appear in the middle of the night. They are seen by four people within the context of an experience with certain mystical overtones, yet the fact is that in other cases, the witnesses were people on their way to work and with their minds on quotidian affairs. Just as they suddenly appeared, they disappeared with similar alacrity, absurdly, jumping behind small shrubs that were quickly examined by witnesses without finding any traces whatsoever.

We returned to the exact spot with Emilio some months ago, and had a nocturnal watch at the very same location: a desolate riverine expanse Magdalena, which doesn’t even have a paved access road. The existing one is covered in riprap and is in poor condition. We saw nothing strange in spite of being in a suggestive state by the story and the recreation of the events by our interviewee. We did not the gnomes, or the dome in the middle of the River Plate. But we ascertained that in a place like that, anything whatsoever could appear without anyone ever finding out.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Carlos A. Iurchuk, El Dragón Invisible and Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)