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Argentina: A CE-3 in Tandil?

Source: El Quinto Hombre
Date: 12.02.10

Argentina: The Tandil Humanoids
By Marcelo Eremian

A luminous humanoid appeared in Tandil, Argentina – a unique case with many preliminaries in the region.

Tandil is located in southeastern Buenos Aires Province along the Tandilia mountain range. Over a number of decades, the area has been one of importance for the nation’s UFO activity, and is relatively near Mar del Plata, toward the marine littoral, which is also a UFO area, and near Olavarria, one of the most important locations for sightings of humanoid entities for many decades.

A recent encounter published in a Buenos Aires newspaper in October 2010 records the manifestation of tall humanoid beings in downtown Olavarria.

The Encounter

The initial idea centered around a planned outdoors weekend in Tandil, where a group of friends and cousins of mine got together. I was included in the group with my friend Ezequiel B. As it was now past midnight on a Saturday, we were walking along the road with Ezequiel when he thought he saw a bright light toward the left, up along the ridges. I was unable to see it.

Suddenly, about 150 meters away from us, on the soil of the mountains, we both saw a light which we at first took as a campfire. What caught our attention was that it didn’t cast any light in the surrounding area, because a campfire in the ranges and in the middle of the night should cast light. It was an initial odd observation. A further consideration is that we thought we could see a source of light as though seen through an x-ray – an opaque light, with its luminosity both concentrated and controlled within the same source of light.

Observing this strange phenomenon for some 3 or 4 minutes, we got closer and ascertained that the “campfire” was humanoid in shape. At that point we got to see the legs, arms, torso and head of a tall, stylized silhouette wearing a luminous suit that blinked intermittently all the time, turning on and off constantly (emphasis in the original)

Coming even closer, we noticed that the strange figure’s entire posture and behavior showed that it was intent on finding something on the ground, with its head tilted forward and its body completely rigid, arms outstretched downward along the sides of its torso. It walked in a systematic, “robotic” fashion, taking 3 or 4 steps before spinning on its own axis. It would take three or four steps toward where it had commenced its search. Without question, it was looking for something with a great deal of interest and concentration.

Regarding this being, its “luminous outfit” was worth noting for its strangeness. It looked like a coverall, but form-fitting rather than bulky. It also appeared to have a belt with a light in the middle, and something akin to a “transparent helmet”, fishbowl-type, covered its head. There was a small light in the middle of its face. Its height was greater than mine, and I’m 179 centimeters tall. We used a nearby tree in making this calculation.

Minutes later, Ezequiel made a clicking sound and the being instantly turned its head from the location it was staring at. It turned to look at us, observing us. Affected by the creature’s reaction, a shocked Ezequiel began repeating: “It’s not human, it’s not human! It’s not human!”

We headed back toward the cabin in which we were lodging at a running pace. I stayed behind only a few seconds, watching the “being” face to face, as we could look at each other mutually. Suddenly, the being began to ascend the mountain range, either by levitating or floating. I, too, broke into a run, following Ezequiel.

At a given moment, Ezequiel, utterly shocked by the experience, turned around to say that the creature was following us. This I could not corroborate, as I didn’t turn around. I kept to my path until the cabin was within reach.


I should make it clear that my friend Ezequiel has been a Jehovah’s Witness since childhood and his beliefs do not allow for UFOs, tall luminous beings or any considerations of extraterrestrial life. In fact, I always bore the brunt of his skepticism toward all of these realities, including the paranormal.

As a final curious detail, I should note that only minutes prior to this observation, it seemed that everything had gone quiet in our surroundings, as nothing could be heard. No nature sounds, or the sounds typical of an evening in the mountains, such as the crackling of leaves, birds in the treetops, nothing. The wind had died down, no cars went by. It could be said that a very “special” atmosphere surrounded us.


After several more visits to Tandil, I began interviewing people. I modestly began gathering information with eyewitness accounts, read books and publications, and consequently compiled several preliminaries:

· In 1950, the stunned residents of Tandil reported numerous anomalous sightings in the sky and surprising encounters with humanoids at any time of day and place.
· In September 1958, a child reported seeing a cylindrical object and its diminutive occupant, unmindful of the human witness.
· In April 1974, two men traveling along Tandil’s Route 226 toward Olavarria found a being looking downward at the edge of the road, as though inspecting the grass. The being was of average height, had short legs and an elongated head, encased in a “phosphorescent” metallic suit. Frightened, the driver kept going after the sighting. Ten kilometers ahead, they came across a very powerful source of light that cast its glow over them in a very specific manner.
· In April 1974, several people were camping in the municipal campground and suffered a rather traumatic experience, resulting from the “surprising” descent of two strange beings from the mountains.
· In June 1974, Mr. O. Poli and two co-workers reported coming across a strange, helmeted being in the vicinity of the rail station.

Later, in the 80s and 90s, there were reports of encounters with streamlined beings wearing “strange luminous outfits and helmets over their heads” and which “appeared of nowhere, in the words of multiple witnesses. It also happened that the witnesses were able to observe these creatures surveying the surface, or any part of it, “fully immersed in their task.”

It should be noted that there was a constant present of UFOs and nocturnal lights in these “close encounters” in the mountains surrounding Tandil - sightings that continue to this very day with a considerable “paranormal intensity”, as Professor Zerpa would say. His excellent research team also analyzed a series of photos I managed to take in 2009, showing the presence of strange vehicles in the skies over the hills in broad daylight.

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)