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Argentina: Villa Huidobro - Another Interrupted Journey (1983)

Argentina: Villa Huidobro – Another Interrupted Journey (1983)
By Lucio Daniel Rossi and Norberto L. Medina
Grupo CONEX – Rio Cuarto – Córdoba
(from the “Contactos ET” Bulletin published by CONEX, 1997)

During the first minutes of Christmas, 1983, a family from Rio Cuarto traveling from Villa Huidobro to Huinca Renancó was intercepted by a vast luminous vessel. While an abduction event occurred during this incident, it will not form part of this report, as is still being researched. The remainder of the experience is nonetheless very interesting, and while not a current case, it is being published for the first time, as it was only made known to CONEX by the experiencers after having kept it secret all these years.

The Sordi Family, made up of Armando Sordi, his wife D., his eldest daughter F., his youngest daughter M. and his mother-in-law, H. (the family currently includes a new daughter born years after the incident) decided to spend Christmas Eve, 1983 at the home of some relatives of D., who lived in Villa Huidobro (a small town located in southern Córdoba, near the border with the province of La Pampa).

As they dined outdoors, a strong wind kicked up, heralding a Christmas storm. However, D. could not see that likely storm. At the same time, M. (three months old at the time) was upset, as if not feeling well, a symptom that had been for a number of hours earlier.

The little one’s state was a concern to her parents and grandmother, and they decided to have her checked out by any doctor in Huinca Renancó (which is a few dozen kilometers from Villa Huidobro, localities set out in a straight line parallel to the northern limit of La Pampa).

Therefore, around 12:30 and 12:45 in the morning, the family set out to Huinca Renancó in Armando’s Ford Falcon. Armando was at the wheel with his wife to his right, holding M. in her arms. In the back seat were H. and F., asleep on H.’s lap.

They went along the dirt road and immediately reached the highway, passing by a large tree grove on the side. Armando drove his Falcon urgently, remarking on the darkness of the sky to D., but his wife, strangely enough, was unable to notice any difference.

However, D. was able to make out a glow in the distance, to her left. In that direction, something resembling “a large communion wafer” – translucent and white – appeared in the air. It rose quickly into the air “with the movement of a balloon being released” before stopping again.

At that moment, the object acquired a yellowish cast to its outline. It was no longer as luminous as before, but “very nearly transparent.”

From that moment onward, the circular object began moving toward them with a strange motion that D. defined as “halting, as though something were pushing it from behind. For that reason it looked increasingly larger and flying very low.”

Despair gripped the family. H. screamed in terror, weeping and shaking her arms “as if to make that thing go away”. F. remained asleep, Armando and D. were nervous and M. remained with her mother.

Faced with this situation, Armando pulled over to the road’s shoulder and got out of the car. It should be noted that Armando does not recall having gotten out of the car, a detail that D. remembers clearly, as she had leaned over M.’s little body in an instinctive and maternal act of protection. And from that position, she remembers seeing only her husband’s leg and foot beside the car.

The UFO remained at the vehicle’s left, flying at low altitude and only a few dozen meters away. It was reddish in color, but giving off a powerful white glow. “I suddenly heard Armando say that it was flying over us and stopping over some eucalyptus trees that formed a long curtain to our right,” says D., who from her huddled position could only move her head to look.

“I was able to see it clearly. It was immense and rotating at an alarming rate. It was noiseless and moved like a hummingbird, one moment here, and another there,” added D., who notes that the UFO brushed over the tree boughs, or in her words, “caressing them”. Armando and D. agree that the “device’s” measured some 25 meters in diameter. It changed colors (from red to orange, yellow, white and green) and always irradiated a powerful white glow that flooded the surroundings. “It looked like daytime; we couldn’t even see the car’s headlights,” Armando stressed. They also noticed that the UFO had dark spots they described as “portholes.”

After a few minutes, the object flew over them again, placing itself in the position it had originally held, that is to say, to the automobile’s left, slightly beyond the train tracks that run parallel to the road.

As it remained there, the couple noticed that another car was heading toward them on the opposite lane. This reassured them, as they believed the UFO would be seen by those aboard the car, and that they might stop. Mysteriously, the UFO vanished, “turning itself Off”, and the other car sped by, probably without its occupants noticing its anomalous presence.

Once the car took off, the UFO “lit up” again. The family then decided to continue its journey and get away from that “device”, retaking the road to toward Huinca Renancó. Even more surprising, the UFO also began to move, parallel to the paved road, following them at the same speed and at low altitude (almost over the electric cables), lighting the areas over which it flew.

Whenever Armando slowed down, the UFO did the same. It even rose into the air to dodge the facilities of an abandoned refrigeration plant, otherwise it would have crashed into it. From that moment onward, it maintained the same altitude, making a zigzagging motion before reaching Huinca Renancó, ascending at a prodigious rate of speed, and remaining in the sky as a small red dot, then vanishing altogether. The family would have further sightings after this incident.

Carlos Alberto Iurchuk of El Dragón Invisible managed to meet Armando Sordi at the Rio Cuardo UFO Convention held in November 1998. Sordi agreed to be interviewed. (available at

Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Carlos Iurchuk, El Dragón Invisible