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Spain: Cases from the UFOCAN Database

Spain: Cases from the UFOCAN Database
By Angel Rodríguez
GEIFO – Grupo Español de Investigación del Fenómeno OVNI

Date/ Time: December 1965, 0230 hrs.
Object: Unknown, flying parallel to the aircraft
Location: Flying over the Province of Seville (Spain)
Witnesses: Crew of the AVIACO Convair 440 airliner
Case Name: “Correo Aereo” (Air Mail)
Miscellaneous Info: Detection by the Constantina Radar (Seville)

Captain Vicente Roa was flying an AVIACO Convair 440 with Alfonso Gonzalez as his co-pilot, flying the Madrid-Seville-Malaga mail delivery route on an evening in December 1965.

They were flying over the province of Seville at around 0230 hours and were advised by the Constantina radar (Seville) that they were being followed by an unknown object flying parallel to the aircraft’s starboard.

Immediately, the cabin’s occupants looked toward where the radar suggested and were able to see a domed, disk-shaped object twice the size of the airliner, lit like a neon tube and with a blurry outline, flying some two kilometers from the airplane.

After having landed in the Seville Airport, the pilots went to the control tower to see – along with 15 others – the “fluorescent tube” that was now suspended 10 meters over the runway. Minutes later, the object rose into the air and changed location.

The aircraft needed to resume its flight, and after taking off toward Malaga, the pilots decided to point the nose of their plane toward the strange artifact. It accelerated and vanished, as they subsequently confirmed with the Constantina radar.

Date/Time: 10 September 1965, 0326 hrs.
Location: San Pablo Airport (Seville)
Object: Two luminous objects at an altitude of some 200 meters
Witnesses: Airport staff and radar operators of the “Bolero” radar facility (Seville)
Case name: “Aeropuerto de Sevilla” (Seville Airport)
Miscellaneous Info: Military File No. 650910, Declassified.

This case is featured in a small declassified military file – No. 650910 – in which the traffic officer of Seville’s San Pablo Airport reports that the controller on duty had seen two luminous objects flying from north to south and to the east and west of the airport on 10 September 1965 at 0326 hours.

The controller calculated the speed of said lights at some 150 km/hour at an altitude of 200 meters.

Both lights descended in a manner similar to a helicopter, but a greater speed, diminishing the intensity of the lights until they were extinguished.

Contact was made with Bolero (the radar facility at Seville) and with the Control Tower at the Morón de la Frontera Air Base. Bolero confirmed a visual contact of two luminous objects flying slowly to the south of Morón.

However, the Morón Air Base did not report any sightings or anomalous occurrences in the skies.

Date/Time: 31 December 1958 / 2400 hours
Location: Sanlúcar La Mayor (Seville)
Object: Two unknown objects taking off
Witnesses: Rafael Salas and the driver of his truck
Case name: “Las Doblas”
Miscellaneous Info: n/a

On 31 December 1958, only a few minutes before midnight, Rafael Salas was heading toward Seville, on his way back from Huelva in a rented truck with a load of salt.

Shortly before reaching Sanlúcar La Mayor and before ascending the slope of Las Doblas, he ordered his driver to stop the truck on the shoulder to have eat the “lucky grapes” (*) that mark the end of the year.

They turned off the engine but not the headlights, which cast their light beyond a barbed wire fence. At that time, a meter and a half to the right of the truck, a pointed cylindrical object, two meters tall and thirty centimeters thick, took off into the sky.

The driver did not move, and when Rafael made an effort to open the door, a second object took off, making a noise similar to that of an electric saw, and at tremendous speed.

(*) Spain has the custom or tradition of welcoming the new year by eating a grape for each of the twelve last bells of the year. These are known as the “lucky grapes”.

Date/Time: 1958, early morning
Location: County road from Algeciras (Cádiz) to Ronda (Málaga)
Object: Landing of a disk-shaped object of unknown origin
Witnesses: A married couple, the husband’s father and a friend.
Case name: “Caso Algeciras 1958” (1958 Algeciras Case)
Miscellaneous Info: n/a

UFO reported on the county road linking Algeciras and Ronda.

The witness was in the company of his wife, father and a friend, driving along the road in the early morning hours, on their way to a hunting spot. Upon reaching Cuevas del Becerro (Becerro Caves), they began to see a light that they at first thought might be a Police vehicle.

As they approached the light, they noticed that it was an object squarely occupying the middle of the road. It was a circular artifact, similar to a fiery soup dish, with a dome on its upper section, lighting its surroundings. It measured approximately 7 meters in diameter by some 2 meters tall.

The driver halted his vehicle some 200 meters away, waiting for the object to clear the road.

After a while, seeing that the object was not moving, the driver approached it slowly. The UFO began to rise, very slowly, until it reached an altitude of some 1000 meters. It flew over the car and landed again, some two hundred meters behind them.

The object’s behavior filled the vehicle’s occupants with curiosity, so they turned around and tried to approach it a second time.

On this occasion, the artifact also rose silently, but unlike the time before, it made quick zigzag motion and flew off at top speed.

Date/Time: August 1958, 1930 hrs.
Location: Sierra Nevada (Granada)
Object: Tapered object
Witnesses: Three friends, not determined
Case name: “Sierra Nevada, 1958”
Miscellaneous Info:

Three friends were enjoying an evening in the country in August 1958 at Sierra Nevada (Granada).

At 19:30 hours they were at the summit of the “Mojón Alto” mountain, looking toward the Genil River, they saw a tapered, conical object resting on three legs at a distance of some 4 kilometers.

The object was some 8 meters tall by 3 meters wide. Its surface, resembling stainless steel, was shining in the sun.

They didn’t pay much attention at first, thinking it was a pluviometer, but when they looked a second time, what they took for a pluviometer was floating and rising slowly into the air. At a given moment, it gained speed, passed over Mt. Mulhacén, heading south toward Africa.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU), Special thanks to Angel Rodríguez, GEIFO)