Friday, November 11, 2011

Spain: An Embarassment of Humanoid Riches (2000)

An Embarrasment of Humanoid Riches
by José Manuel Duran

We sometimes complain that the subjects of our interest seldom receive the attention they deserve, and we're even forced to acknowledge at some point that mystery appears to follow its own undefined, aimless path.

We complain that Ufology (which is the subject we are discussing now) is simply not credible to the rest of the mortal world, and if we cast a light glance over what is currently on the burners, we will be forced to admit defeat.

Are They here? Regardless of their provenance from Outer Space, other levels of existence or from the very innards of our minds, it is fitting to provide answers to thse questions, since we have spent more than 50 years playing with the same details, changing their colors and adapting new terminology, but which in the final analysis is the hated "more of the same" situation. We should be able to explain, at least, what they're like and what they want. These answers are not very clear to the vast majority of researchers and the statements made by the boldest among them are so ambiguous as to be worthless.

Few of us doubt that the devices we have chosen to dub UFOs or Flying Saucers are manned and that bizarre-looking beings (at least non-human looking) come and go with relative ease. When discussion first began on such strange things, it was said that the crewmen--the humanoids--were here to sneak a peek at us humans, much like tourists. However, there soon appeared cases in which these beings were seen to steal (?) rocks, grass, or a deer now and then. Were they covering such great distances to gather samples? How absurd...although, that's exactly what we did when we went to the Moon.

But a question rapidly emerges once we accept the possibility that They are here. Are they aggressive? Merely explorers? Peeping Toms? Invaders? Who can tell? After years of case studies, it would seem as if They have lost interest in the things that our planet has to offer and have arrogantltyy passed up on fish, water, and power stations to concentrate a little more on human beings...the allegedly intelligent species that misguidedly thinks it rules the world.

On a personal note, I would like to know what these UFO crewmen are like: what they look like, if they have ears and tails, noses, mouths or teeth. I'd like to know if their feet smell, if they sneeze, need to use helmets, if they blink, if they can see colors...but researchers, those who have consecrated their life and efforts on this accursed crusade, are not able to devote solid answers to these questions.

Millions of eyewitness accounts; humanoids all over the world whose descriptions vary in an alarming manner. Does this give ufology greater credibility, or does it undermine its health?

What are they like? How many fingers to they have? Are they ugly? Do they have shape? Genitalia?

At first, the variety of occupants was such that the enormous differnces between them were illogical (or at least, didn't seem logical to us). If these were extraterrestrial visitors, why were so many diferent species visiting us? The broad zoo of ufology gave skeptics reason to laugh (and it still does), since they're aware that there's no way of grappling with these invaders: Humans, monsters, apes, tall, short, blond, hairy, hairless, speaking, grunting, telepathic...They're either stealing pebbles or arranging their vehicles in the shape of...hell!... everything from eggs, irons, tourines, dishes, balloons, triangles, squares...there are as many types of humanoids as there are craft in which to carry them. I sincerely doubt that there could be as many rubberneckers on this planet. No space civilization could be intelligent if they stopped to look at human beings at the drop of a hat. Could we be dealing with a crude, vulgar hoax? Is it all just a deception, or a fraud? Are the documents obtained over all these years of research at all reliable? Of course they can be reliable. Perhaps--as was observed by earlier reserachers into the mystery--they are only showing us a disguise that conceals their true intentions. Maybe. Perhaps this could just be an explanation to justify the variety of creatures and spaceships...maybe it's an attempt to avoid insisting on why everything is so absurd, on why everything is so complicated. Why won't the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle fit?

In any case, we cannot overlook the small evolution that the UFO phenomenon has undergone in itself. Even today, we continue to see vehicles of many different characteristics, but saucerlike craft remain alarmingly dominant, along with spherical objects and the ubiquitous triangular objects which have caused so many headaches in recent years. The "intentions" of the alien astronauts (?) have also varied, and far from making repairs to their vehicles in remote and deserted fields, or taking samples of rocks, vegetation or dirt, they have concentrated their efforts upon animals and above all, humans, whom they supposedly abduct.

This humanoid taxonomy has also spit out a pattern known as the "Greys" or "EBEs", who majestically dominate the ufological scene. Perhaps this is the alien race that visits us with malevolent intentions? Or is it still just another element in this UFO free-for-all? Perhaps they represent a logical ingredient in the illogical soup of ufology, or another joke for the sideshow we have been witnessing--the irritating theatre show of hair-raising incongruities which mock human intelligence. Maybe there are just too many saucers, too many humanoids...maybe so. But for some reason or another we must remain in the breach, which promises to be the only we we shall ever understand this phenomenon some day. It's almost certain that we aren't wasting our time.

(Translation (c) 2000, S. Corrales, IHU)