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VISION OVNI - "We're Facing a UFO Flap in Victoria"

Source: Diario La Capital (
Date: 11.28.2011

Argentina: VISION OVNI - "We're Facing a UFO Flap in Victoria"

A "UFO Flap" is drawing researchers from throughout the country to the city of Victoria.

"We're facing a UFO flap in Victoria," explained Visión Ovni's Andrea Pérez Simondini, discussing last week's intense activity which ended with the discovery of an "oval-shaped imprint" at the Laguna del Pescado wilderness. As La Capital mentioned in today's edition, on-site research endeavors will take place this coming weekend.

A strange imprint was also found in a wheat field several days ago, near the site where the skywatches are to be held (displayed in the photo, courtesy of Visión Ovni)

Researcher Andrea Pérez Simondini, a member of Visión Ovni, the organization founded by her mother Sylvia, explained this morning in a conversation with "La que se viene" on Channel 8 that a skywatch will be held on December 3rd due to the conisderable number of lights reported over the area in the past ten days, and to "request the declassification of UFO archives in Argentina."

"We're calling a flap precisely due to what's been going on for the past 15 days, which ended in the discovery of an oval imprint (not the typical circula kind) measuirng 14 meters long in the Laguna del Pescado wilderness, which dovetails with the site where lights were reported in the evening. We're saturated with our investigations and even took samples of these imprints," explained Pérez Simondini, regarding recent events that merit having a skywatch in Victoria.

Pérez Simondini added that the intention is not to convince disbelievers about the existence of alien life. "We understand doubters, because people who research the subject of UFOs are ordinary people whose interest arises from a personal experience. It's a matter of belief, and sometimes one has to see to believe. We do not stress convincing people. We try to make a very responsible communication based on scientific evidence, to the extent that it's possible," she explained, adding that her personal experience begins with her mother's experiences. "My father was an oil man. We lived for a long time in Caleta Olivia, in the South. My mother was the first to see an object explode and turn into five smaller objects that headed out to sea in broad daylight in 1968. This was seen by the entire population of Caleta Olivia. Just recently I came across a newspaper article discussing the event." She added that many years later she herself saw an objct resembling "a flying freight train".

"For some years now," Andrea notes, "the media have treated the subject with greater respect."

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)