Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Argentina: The Uncanny "Bosque Energético"

It’s always interesting to note how one story comes out of another: while discussing the very positive response to her interview with experiencer Fito Vivas, published only last weekend in INEXPLICATA, I asked researcher Andrea Pérez Simondini about the information that had been included in the section marked in brackets [...] in the article. It turns out that the missing paragraphs describe her visit to one of Argentina’s high-strangeness wonders, El Bosque Energético (the Energy Forest) mentioned at the start of the article. She has graciously allowed us to use the excised information and photographs to give INEXPLICATA readers a taste of this weird and wonderful location – S. Corrales

A Visit to the “Bosque Energético”
By Andrea Pérez Simondini
(Section excised from the article “The Fito Vivas Case, 1968)

Accompanied by my co-workers, ensnared by the story I told them, we reached the community of Miramar along the coastal road.

The entrance to the premises, guarded by volunteer firefighters, allowed us to discover a circuit that was very interesting in of itself, beyond our search for the forest. It is possible to enter the place with a $4.00 contribution to the Asociación Cooperadora del Vivero Municipal Florentino Ameghino, an endeavor that deserves to be supported, because it is the source of reforestation and this forest certainly allows us to breathe clean air.

There is a production area at the site, the Fire Station, the waterworks, horseback riding areas, and grilling areas with restaurants and sweet shops. Surprisingly, the brochure one is given upon entering the area says nothing about the Energy Forest, or its location. I do not think it is an exaggeration that 50% of all visitors come to the premises to see it.

We engaged a firefighter in small talk, and I think that I quickly understood the reason for the absence of promotion. The reason can be found, perhaps, in the fact that the people who work there want to be acknowledged for the enormous effort implied by the forestry project rather than for the forest’s magical properties.

After touring the area, I can say that a tour of the Energy Forest is highly recommended. The truth is that I left the place more confused than when I went in. I can certainly say that there is some magnetic force at work in the place, but if I have to let myself be carried by the evidence, the truth is that nothing made me see the extraordinary conditions that are described and said about the place.

Regarding the UFO that fell in 1955 – which was really the purpose of my trip, in the understanding that all these electromagnetic phenomena were due to this crash – I found nothing. Not even from the locals, who are quick to weave a fantastic story with information having these characteristics.

Upon leaving the place, I felt a mixture of frustration, disillusionment and joy at having been in this mythic place.

As is often said, images are worth more than words, so I’ll share a number of videos and photos off the site with you.