Wednesday, February 28, 2018

High Strangeness: A Phantom Hitchhiker in Argentina

Source: PLANETA UFO and Cronica
Date: 02.28.2018

High Strangeness: A Phantom Hitchhiker in San José de la Esquina (Santa Fe, Argentina)

He drove a ghost to the cemetery in his pickup - this occurred in the locality of San José de la Esquina, Santa Fe. A local resident gave a young man a lift in the middle of the road, but the fellow vanished, leaving strange burn marks on the carpet.

Pedro Peirone is a local resident who boards his vehicle every day to go to work. Driving along Route 92, he sometimes comes across students or workers who hitch a ride to reach their destinations.

"The kid was 17 years old, dressed in the clothes worn by vo-tech students," the man told local media, adding: "He asked me to drop him off at the graveyard intersection. He had barely gotten out of the truck when I smelled a horrible burning odor. I got down to see if something had caught on fire."

The incredible story went viral on YouTube, racking up over 500,000 views as Peirone retold his experience. The driver filed a complaint with the local sheriff's office, hoping to find some clue that leads to the young man's whereabouts.

Statement of Pedro Peirone on 26 February 2018 appearing on YouTube channel "El Refugio de YouTube"

In the morning hours of Monday, 26 February, a person known as "Pedro Peirone" witnessed a strange event.

Interviewer: Pedro Peirone, Pedrito, as he's known in San Jose, drills wells for a living. What happened to you this Monday, the 26th of February?

PP: I brought a guy from Arteaga. He asked me drop him off at the intersection

Interviewer: You were coming from Arteaga

PP: I was coming from Arteaga on the curve leading toward San Jose when a kid, seventeen years old, dressed like the ones who go to vo-tech or similar, thumbed me down, I stopped, he got in, we chatted a bit, and I asked him if he was getting off at San Jose. He told me, that he would tell me where he was getting off. He then asked me to drop him off at the intersection, which was this one.

Interviewer: This is the graveyard crossing. One the one hand you have the entrance to the graveyard and there's a house on the other. That's where the priest lives...Father...

PP: Nardi. So well, as soon as he got out of the pickup truck, I smelled this horrible smell of burning. Since I've been scared of cars catching fire, I jumped out to see if some wire was burning up, but everything was in order. I turned to look and the fellow was nowhere to be seen. I started looking inside the truck to see if there was something wrong, and that's when I found that the floor mat was burned, melted, in shape of the guy's feet. I looked on the ground to see the direction the guy had taken off to, but there was no sign of him having ever gotten out, no footprints, nothing. In other words, like no one had ever gotten out of the pickup.

Interviewer: Did you get any information about the kid? Was he carrying books, anything?

PP: No, he had no books. I gave him a lift thinking he was a student, someone on their way to school. He said no, he wasn't a student, and that he would tell me where to drop him off. So we chatted a bit...ah, he told me he was from Arteaga. I didn't ask for his surname, because I was in a hurry myself, having to get to Rosario, getting stuff ready,, no I wasn't paying much attention. He looked like a regular person.

[Translation and transcription © 2018 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Guillermo Gimenez (Planeta UFO) and El Refugio de YouTube]