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Mexico: UFOs Over León (1987)

Source: Noticias Vespertinas (Mexico)
Date: 03.13. 2017

Mexico: UFOs Over León

The city of León, aside from being considered the capital city of the footwear industry, has also distinguished itself for multiple UFO sightings. The date of 10 April 1987, however, is engraved into the minds of the people of León, when hundreds or thousands were witnesses to strange lights and shapes the combed the sky before stopping their meanderings at Mesa de Ibarrilla.

This was a far-reaching phenomenon that summoned researchers from all parts of the country and even from abroad, who sought answers to the presence of what they termed "flying saucers".

According to stories told by residents of Mesa de Ibarrilla, the large number of UFO sightings is attributable to the presence of uranium in nearby hills. "Spaceships go there to stock up on power before continuing their journeys."

Mesa de Ibarrilla

Antonio Fonseca, 74, remembers the sightings of large triangular lights over his property in Mesa de Ibarrilla nearly 30 years ago. He was never afraid. On the contrary, he wanted to know what was going on and wanting more people with him as witnesses.

It wasn't until 1992 when seven people went down to the Potrero, a location in Ibarrilla, where seven small figures with antennae were seen. So intense was the fright that one of the female researchers clutched her stomach in order to be able to run, but no disappearances were ever reported in the area.

Maria Socorro Ochoa recalls that one evening, when gathering the clothing she'd hung out to dry, she saw a powerful beam of light illuminating her house and the surroundings. She said: "I saw something that looked like a large hat, in the air." Upon growing closer, she could see three antennae in different hues, and it vanished into nothingness. "We went up the hill but there was nothing to be seen."

On another instance, around 8 o'clock at night, she said, we saw two shapes like two suns, which approached us. They were visible for a long time, but vanished after they were covered by a passing cloud. "They aren't coming to do us any harm, since they would have hurt us already," she adds.

On 9 January 1999, around 9 o'clock at night, a bright ice-cream cone shaped light was seen in the mountains near Ibarrilla, giving off white, yellow and blue flashes. "We ran to get closer and find out what was going on. Suddenly everyone took off running and shouting. I said, what's a matter with you, you look like sheep. My neighbors replied: 'there are little grey figures with very large lights'."

On another occasion we accompanied searchers when we saw an immense orb that was visible through photographic equipment. It split in two - one flew to the left and the other to the right, one grew larger and the other smaller and vice versa. One light appeared to drop something into the stream on the lower side, but it didn't appear in photos, since the lens cap wasn't removed from the camera.

Flying Saucers at the Palote Dam

It was in 2005 that I witnessed the shining lights over the damn, moving from one side to another. Later I could see it was a triangular shape that disappeared in an instant. This was witnessed by several of my companions, who were even able to take photos.

It is said that during the drought years, a spaceship and small creatures were seen walking inside the Palote Dam.

Another group of people remarked that it is normal to see shining lights in the heavens over the columns of smoke produced by the brick-making chimneys in the Presitas area. They prowl the sky, move from one place to another, or remain still for seconds before mysteriously disappearing. Local residents no longer pay them any mind, as this is a very common occurrence.

This city has become famous for its numerous sightings, witnessed by hundreds of citizens, who recount their experiences as they best know how. Everything points to the likelihood that extraterrestrial visitations will continue.

Note: Mesa de Ibarrilla was the subject of intense research by the now-defunct Fundación Cosmos A.C. an organization, spearheaded by our friend and colleague Ing. Marco Reynoso. The UFO situation in the city of León and vicinity was the subject of a lengthy article by the late Lic. Gustavo A. Nelín which appeared in INEXPLICATA a decade ago ( -- Editor]