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Argentina: Specialist Analyzes UFO Photograph; Forecasts Nationwide Wave

Source: Info Blanco Sobre Negro (
Date: 01/26/2018
An article by Martin Mazzoleni

Argentina: Specialist Analyzes UFO Photograph; Forecasts Nationwide Wave

Some days ago, broadcaster Fernando Figoni published a photo of last Tuesday's storm on his Facebook account, showing a luminous flying object. The post had great media impact and the alleged UFO sighting was reproduced by several local and national media. Info BLANCO SOBRE NEGRO interviewed Luis Burgos, one of the foremost exponents of national ufology, who dismissed the likelihood of the case being a hoax and who forecasted that there would be a nationwide UFO "flap" throughout 2018.

As always, news items of this sort create a mixture of curiosity and mistrust. The more open-minded among us listen closely to the cases and tend to believe; the more skeptical respond with a sneer. The fact is that nearly half of the Argentinean population claims having seen a UFO at some point in time. In this case, it was broadcaster Fernando Figoni who photographed a luminous object in the sky as he tried to capture the storm on the corner of 1st and 60th streets.

Info BLANCO SOBRE NEGRO decided to solicit the opinion of Luis Burgos, one of the best known ufologists (the name given to the discipline that studies UFOs) who is also a resident of La Plata.

"Figoni didn't see it. He noticed it in a photo, but many other witnesses saw something. There is a report from a woman in Romero who saw a white object during the first storm front," Burgos explains, adding: "There are many cases of UFOs in thunderstorms."

Despite being fully convinced about the existence of UFOs, Burgos has a critical posture when it comes to the commercial use of the subject and claims many cases are "hoaxes" with the aim of capturing the public's attention, such as the circles appearing early last year in a field near Carmen de Areco, which were created with herbicide, according to the specialist.

However, regarding the recent sighting in La Plata, he believes that the witness is "reliable" and that it could be a "mistake", in any event. He dismissed the possibility that the object could be an airplane or balloon.

The foremost exponent of national ufology assured us that "UFO sightings will be on the increase" as part of what he believes to be a "nationwide wave". This prediction is based on a hypothesis that suggests "an increase in sighting reports" every 10 years.

"We base our decimal hypothesis on a record of 5500 cases in Argentina since the year 1947. The year with the highest number of reports was 1968, the second being 1978. There have been 29 reports so far this year - we are receiving over a case a day," said the founder of the FundaciĆ³n Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO).

The first UFO case in the country was also reported in La Plata. "A couple witnessed a fleet of luminous objects, aligned in a row, but were unable to photograph it due to its fleeting nature," says Burgos.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Luis Burgos and Martin Mazzoleni]