Monday, June 11, 2018

Argentina: Operación NOA - The Infiernillo Lights

Argentina: Operación NOA - The Infiernillo Lights
By Luis Burgos

The wilderness of El Infiernillo is among the twelve most mentioned places where UFO event play out regularly. It is located in Northwestern Tucumán at 3042 meters above sea level in the midst of the Valles Calchaquíes on Route No. 307, linking the provinces of Salta and Tucumán. The case histories have repeated with the same likeness and behavior: Lights that issue from the mountains, some of them pursuing vehicles, others that land in the middle of the road, etc. The question is the same that we ask about the other eleven similar sites in Argentina. What is there in that region that is so attractive to them? For the time, all we have are hypotheses. Let's examine some of the best-known cases of their time:

On the night of November 4 1962, Pier Livio Quaia, a trucker, was driving along the Salta-Tucuman route and paused when he noticed an oval-shaped object in the middle of the road. It measured some 12 meters in diameter and was red, white and green in color and surrounded by windows. The object flew over his truck, causing it to shudder, and making a strong whistling sound. The trucker fired shots at the object.

In early November 1962, young José Torramorel and Hernán Caverlotti were riding in a motorcycle along the route that links both provinces. In the vicinity of El Infiernillo, an incandescent, spherical object measuring some twenty meters in diameter landed at the same time the motorbike pulled to a halt. Two other cars also slowed down in the vicinity. Another similar object touched down on a hillside. After a while both devices lifted off and the bikers ascertained that their machine was unusable and that they now sported burn marks on their arms.

On August 10, 1970, another truck driver reported that while driving along that desolate stretch of road, he witnessed an oval-shaped object, measuring 20 meters in diameter and issued a dull buzzing noise. This object accompanied him for a fair stretch of road until it took off, leaving a blue wake in the sky.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU]