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Mexico: A Traffic Reporter’s UFO Experiences

Source: Alfonso Salazar
Date: 09.05.2018
A Report by Alfonso Salazar

Mexico: A Traffic Reporter’s UFO Experiences

The late Jorge Olea was a pioneer in traffic reporting from helicopters and a chronicler of police information for thirty-four years in Mexico City. He was a senior collaborator with the Grupo Monitor, becoming the guiding voice of drivers in the valley of Mexico. On his Facebook page, his family posted that his transition had occurred on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 22:30 hours.

I am sharing this article I published in April 2009 in the Enigmas column of the Sunday edition of the EL GRAFICO newspaper about this man who was so important to journalistic life in Mexico, as well as man I was able to interview about his UFO encounters in the skies of the Federal District. An extraordinary experience I now share with you.

Jorge Olea – “A UFO Changed My Life” – Mexico’s First Reporter in the Air.

Jorge Olea was Mexico’s first reporter in the air, sending his reports to the Monitor news broadcasts regarding traffic conditions in the Federal District. In an interview with EL GRAFICO, he claimed having run into a variety of anomalous objects of varying shapes, colors and sizes throughout his forty years of flying over the nation’s capital. One of them even changed his life.

Spheres That Suddenly Vanished

One of these experiences, according to our interviewee, took place in the 1960s near Los Indios Verdes, where he came across“dull silver” orb, very large, that hovered above them and made no sound whatsoever. The object was very smooth.

Years later, he was alerted by the Monitor broadcasting booth around 8 in the morning of a car accident that occurred in the Mexico-Cuernavaca Highway. Upon reaching the scene, two silver spheres appeared over his helicopter, not too distant, remaining in view for a few minutes before disappearing. When Olea was asked whether UFOs frightened him, he replied that “what always happened is that they were treated with much confidentiality and respect, since it was not known if these were remotely-guided objects or in fact objects from another part of the universe.” However, what was made clear to both he and his crew is that the [objects] would sometimes tail them, or sometimes turn around and go to another part of the city. When the crew was busy, they would simply ignore them.

A UFO Changed His Life

Olea stated that one of the experiences that truly affected him took place in 1970 over the México-Toluca highway when a cylinder-shaped object – looking like a drainpipe – appeared with its ends completely flat, as if sliced off by a knife. Our interviewee said this object was larger than two Boeing 727 aircraft. They tried to reach it but were never able to get close enough to really find out what was flying before their eyes. What did strike the reporter was that “the object had no windows, no exhaust, or anything that would make of it a machine having the required characteristics to remain aloft.”

Finally, Mexico’s first air traffic reporter told us about the varied shapes of the UFOs he witnessed in his forty years of flying over the Federal District, something he did from Monday to Friday, four hours in the morning, two in the afternoon and two hours more in the evening.

[Translation (c) 2018 IHU by S.Corrales]