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Argentina: UFOs, Shadow People in San Rafael (Mendoza)

Source: Cristián Soldano - ORBITAL VISION
Date 03.04.2019

Argentina: UFOs, Shadow People in San Rafael (Mendoza)

Account given by an employee of the Borges Labyrinth (Laberinto de Borges) regarding two high strangeness events that occurred between 2013/2014 approximately, while working as a truck driver and further details regarding repeat sighting areas.

Cristian Soldano: Tell me the story, the story you were going to tell me.

Bryan (witness): Well, I used to drive a truck. Four years ago, more or less. One day I went off with a load of fruit to Longe. Well, I loaded up there and left around eleven or twelve o'clock, I went, I saw a light behind the truck. A red light. I thought it was a motorcycle, so...I went in through La Draga, many things are said about La Draga, and as I drove, yes, [the light] was side by side with me and I saw a red light and two black shapes. Two black shapes, like people. Uh, well...I kept going, afraid, and when I came up to the cemetery they vanished. They vanished, the lights, the shapes, everything. And two days went by; I went back to Longe and told the guys what had happened to me. The boss spoke up and told me: "that happened to me a week ago, only in my case they broke my mirror." He said: "I saw the same thing as you - two black shapes and a red light. The difference is that I saw it in front of me. I passed it in my pickup truck and it shattered my side-view mirror. I looked again and there was nothing. No motorcycle, nothing.

Cristian Soldano: Let me ask you a question - were these figures riding separately from the light? How did you see them from the truck? How tall were they, how can you describe them? What was their size and what are the particulars?

Bryan (witness): "It was a red light, it looked like this (gestures with hands) the size of a headlight, the red light. Two people seated beside it, behind it.

Cristian Soldano: But what were they sitting on? In the air?

Bryan (witness): In the air - they were riding, but in the air.

Cristian Soldano: So the two, the two were seated? How far up from the ground were they? What was the elevation?

Bryan (witness): Couldn't see, they were shadows (gestures) there was nothing there.

Cristian Soldano: But did you get to make the shape of persons?

Bryan: Yes, they looked like two people, clearly. Their faces couldn't be clearly seen and their legs couldn't be seen. You could see the shape.

Cristian: And the light was between both of them?

Bryan: Yes.

Cristian: Was it on your side, the side you drive on?

Bryan: First they were on the driver's side, and then they crossed to the other side --

Cristian: How did they make the crossover? Over the truck?

Bryan: Over the truck.

Cristian: Ah! Over the truck.

Bryan: Over the truck.

Cristian: So you could see them immediately on the other side...could you see them moving other the truck?

Bryan: Through the rear view mirror.

Cristian: Impressive.

Bryan: [Unintelligible] When I looked to the other side, they were on the other side. It's something that's hard to believe, but anyway...

Cristian: Did you notice anything related? Any mechanical problems with the truck at that time? Temperature changes, any smells, any sounds, anything that caught your attention regarding the sighting you were having?

Bryan: No, that's all I saw, and... (shakes head) it left me frozen.

Cristian: There are areas that have certain peculiarities.

Bryan: Yes, there are many..a lot of talk...

Cristian: What was the name?

Bryan: The name is "La vuelta de La Draga" (the La Draga turn) between Longe and what belongs to Caña Seca.

Cristian: What do they say about that place?

Bryan: There's a lot of talk. This other fellow (garbled) mentioned Serrano. There's a lot of talk about that.

Cristian: But what strange things did you hear about them?

Bryan: You can hear babies crying, they see shapes, images, ehh, many lights, you can see red and blue lights, white ones. They've seen many things there.

Cristian: You saw this exactly at that place?

Bryan: Yes.

Cristian: And the owner of the company you used to work for tells the exact same story, he had the same sighting as you?

Bryan: I worked for a factory and the factory would send me to a farm. It was at that farm that the owner told me he'd seen that.

Cristian: A farm? May we ask the name?

Bryan: If I told you I'd be lying, because I'd only go, load up and come back, like with all other farms. I didn't know their names.

Cristian: When did this happen to you more or less?

Bryan: Some time ago. It was harvest time, February more or less, 2014 or 2013.

Cristian: What the farm owner told you...the phenomenon was practically the same?

Bryan: The same.

Cristian: Same place, more or less?

Bryan: Yeah, a little bit farther back. Very little, about a kilometer.

Cristian: What also marks it as an anomalous phenomenon is that his mirror was shattered by something that wasn't there.

Bryan: The mirror broke, but who knows? He turned to look and there was nothing there. We don't know who did it.

Cristian: This account of yours is very interesting and astonishing. Did you have others that you can classify as anomalous?

Bryan: No, well, something else happened to me in La Cueva del Indio ("Indian's Cave") as they call it, some thirty kilometers from here. A shadow crossed my path and sort of got into the truck, and it gave me a chill, like cold air beside me. It got in the truck and that's it. It wasn't a shape or anything.

Cristian: That's fascinating, because I have another story about the same were driving, and how did this appear? From the front, from the side...?

Bryan: From the side, I saw it.

Cristian: Was it large, what you saw?

Bryan: No, it wasn't big. Eighty centimeters by like this or like that...forty centimeters.

Cristian: Did it have any shape?

Bryan: No.

Cristian: It was a cloud without a shape...and it crossed the truck in your own position, shall we say?

Bryan: It did like so, and got into the (unintelligible).

Cristian: What did you notice after this? Was there any strange phenomenon?

Bryan: No...I saw that thing, felt the chill, and that was it.

Cristian: Were you aware of other related experiences, or had you never heard of anything like this?

Bryan: Yes, I'd heard about things from that part.

Cristian: In that area?

Bryan: Yes, there's a lot of talk about various parts.

Cristian: What are the areas that you've heard mentioned the most, involving strange phenomena?

Bryan: Well, the one I told you about, La Draga. La Cueva del Indio, which is some thirty kilometers away, and...

Cristian: Where's La Cueva del Indio?

Bryan: In Cuadro Nacional. It belongs to La Nora.

Cristian: Any other places that are talked about?

Bryan: I wouldn't know enough to tell you. There's stuff about lights, it happened to my grandfather, over by the bridge.

Cristian: What's the name of the bridge?

Bryan: Puente Nuevo. That's what they call it.

Cristian: What happened to him at that spot?

Bryan: The same as me. He saw lights, the same thing.

Cristian: Was it a long time since his experience?

Bryan: Yes, he was young then. He's eighty-three now. He told me he was around thirty years old when it happened.

Cristian: In other words, it's a place with a considerable case history.

Bryan: Yes.

Cristian: Thank you for telling me about your case, because I think it's significant. Highly significant. I've heard about similar cases involving lights, but what you saw with the figures and their positions, floating as though seated, is fabulous. Any other information you can give me about it, a time, perhaps?

Bryan: It was at night, eleven thirty at night. Eleven thirty or twelve.

Cristian: It was like a headlight. Was it very bright, was it dim?

Bryan: It was a red light, but a light that couldn't be seen well. A red light, but dim.

Cristian: Very, very interesting. Do you know of any other strange stories?

Bryan: Yes, well...but I couldn't tell you.

Cristian: I get it, I get it. But something tied to luminous phenomena?

Bryan: Yes, not luminous. But they've seen things.

Cristian: Things were seen...

Bryan: Clear images.

Cristian: I knew things had happened at the ranch, but I wasn't certain. Who would you advise me to speak to, to glean more information?

Bryan: Not sure if the owners will tell you anything. You might ask people living around these parts. Someone who worked there might tell you something.

Cristian: The Labyrinth's construction has its own mysteries. Thank you very much.


[Translation and Transcription (c) 2019 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Cristian Soldano, Orbital Vision]