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Extraterrestrials Steal 38,000 Liters of Water in Olavarria (1983)

Extraterrestrials Steal 38,000 Liters of Water in Olavarria
by Fabio Zerpa and Cándido Víctor del Prado
Cuarta Dimensión Magazine #118

Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU

An on-site investigation into one of the most spectacular recent cases recorded by ufology.

Mr. Silveira, our collaborator, is a long time resident of the town of Olavarría, Buenos Aires, and is a much loved and respected person in the area. It is he who has provided us with the initial information. Since the first days of January 1985, uncanny events have been in motion that have disturbed the community. Local newspaper El Popular has recorded them and serious and objective articles have been written by the newspaper's editor himself, Mr. Julio Pagano, who is well-known to our organization. With the certainty of having to face a truly exceptional case, we informed the management of metropolitan television station Channel 9 so they would televise and record the witness statements and evidence that would later appear in a special broadcast of "Mas Allá de la Cuarta Dimensión" (Beyond the 4th Dimension). Without detriment to this, and acting as the ONIFE team, we would carry out an independent investigation for our readers' own independent analysis.

Eight Black Circles

For many days the owners of the properties located in the Los Sauces district had been exchanging remarks on the appearance of black circles, formed by a fine layer of ash over the grass not far from the swimming pools. Upon touch, this ash was smooth and rubbery. What was odd was the distribution of the circles formed perfect equilateral triangles. We have in our possession a certain amount of the grass affected by this ash, which shall be submitted to scientific scrutiny. At first glance, they appear to be impregnated by a soft, extremely friable dust that is non-greasy, as it does not adhere to paper or even to itself. The closed thing that comes to mind is pulverized graphite. In any case, its presence at this location is wholly inexplicable, as there are no industrial facilities nearby that could be the source, and even if such facilities existed, we cannot visualize how an ash fall would form repetitive circular geometric shapes. Without giving flight to fancy, we could suggest that they are byproducts of combustion of some artifact close to the ground - a very powerful and unconventional one.

The black circles have reproduced themselves in the same period of time in the vicinity of the Industrial park and Los Sauces, seemingly at random, but there is a linkage to the mystery: they appear at properties that have swimming pools, as if their water was a matter of interest to them.

Swimming Pools Drained Mysteriously

Something came out of the sky, descended upon the earth, and took as much water as it could. Local residents had already noticed missing water in their pools, but questioned their calculations or ascribed it to the small fractures that all cement-based pools are afflicted with. But things got out of hand when the pool belonging to the Employee Club of the Banco Nacional de Desarrollo's Olavarria Branch was completely drained of nearly 40,000 liters of water (10,566 US liquid gallons).

And that's where we started our investigations, of course. On 6 February 1983, at 14:30 massively equipped with still cameras, recorders and Channel 9's video and audio recording gear, we reported to the bank branch in question were we met with great deference by bank officers and staff. A considerable number of employees quickly gathered around, responding nearly unanimously to the first question: Yes, it was true, there were black circles present and the swimming pool had been drained. Since everyone had something to say, we selected employees at random: Liliana Meringer de Gonzalez, Julio Guarino, Raul Espinoza and Mario Antista.

Their information was as follows. At an employee-owned property in the Los Sauces district, on the morning of 11 January 1983, it was ascertained that the swimming pool, full the night before, had gone down to only 20 centimeters (7.8 inches). The pool measures 16 x 8 meters (52 x 26 ft.) and its depth slopes down from 0.60 to 1.60 meters (2 ft. to 5.24 ft.). Bearing its receptive capacity in mind, a simple calculation yields a stunning water loss of 38,000 liters. Now then, in most swimming pools, drainage is carried out by means of a motor pump and it is virtually impossible that any crack would absorb such an amount of water in a single night. But if this wasn't enough, the pool was subsequently refilled on several occasions without any noticeable losses. As it was not the only case, despite being the most notable, one would have to suppose that several pools would experience the same phenomenon within the same period of time. But the most important and strongest explanation can be found in the fact that UFOs had been reported in the skies of Olavarría by very competent witnesses.

Witnesses Keep Their Peace and an Outspoken Clergyman

Parish priest Fr. Romeo Musaragno stunned us not only by his statements, but by the strength, honesty and sincerity of his personality. We found him dressed in civilian clothes, which he explained by saying that he needed to go to and fro constantly: "I'm there where I am needed, also to gather funds for the food we distribute freely. I need to travel with some comfort, so that's why you see me in civvies."

"Father," we asked him, "how many people are fed in your parish?"

"Four hundred and thirty every day," was his effortless answer, adding: "Each day I'm not sure of what I'll be feeding them the next, but there's always something that solves our problems." I think we all thought the same. Divine Providence will not forsake an effort made by a character of such distinction. Bear in mind that Olavarría has a group of people inspired by Brother Romeo, who feeds 430 people who need him, and who are never sure if they'll be able to eat the next day.

We bring this up with the aim of lending strength to his statements, because a person of such high moral standing does not misrepresent the truth or is prone to prevarication. Let us now hear his statement as to what happened on Saturday, 7 January at nine thirty in the evening. At his side were two soldiers from the Olavarría military garrison. One of them is Dietzel, who ratified all of [Musaragno's] statements and appears photographed beside him in this article.

From Olavarría El Popular newspaper we take the story told at the Monte Viggiano parish house in the presence of two priests and Dietzel, the soldier. We have chosen this narrative because it is more complete and was made before witnesses and another protagonist. We have our own version recorded before television cameras. The journalistic account reads verbatim: "We were at the smallhold of Our Lady of La Loma when we saw it appear. It was coming from the side of Sierra Chica, passed overhead and hovered in mid-air at a place that could have been the access rotunda to Olavarria. Dietzel was the one who saw it first as we entered the smallhold. He exclaimed in astonishment: "Padre! Padre! Look at that large light coming this way." I looked and saw that huge 'matchhead' that passed over us and followed the course of Route 226."

Soldier Dietzel says: "We saw that great big clear white light all of a sudden..."

Question: Did you see it perchance like the size of a soccer ball?

Dietzel: "No, bigger...and its light was very bright."

These simple, clear, final and blunt statements, spontaneously made, were ratified by more witnesses who unfortunately refused to support them by identifying themselves. We shall proceed with our own retelling based on the testimony of one of these persons, on account of the witness's quality.

Identifying a Key Witness

The writer for El Popular who filed the report does not mention the protagonist's name, but defines him as a well-known person in Olavarría, with high moral solvency, and whose seriousness and statements must be considered unimpeachable. On our part, we have established that it is a clergyman, and we know this simply because Brother Musaragno, while making his statement before the cameras with his characteristic sincerity, declared that one of his superiors had had remarkable experience that same day while fishing in a nearby lagoon. Once again we avail ourselves of the statement given to the El Popular reporter with several other people present.

"Three of us went fishing at the Carril Lagoon. In the evening my two friends decide to go into the lagoon. I stayed on the side by the sluice gate and turned on a lantern as it was getting dark. I settled on the side that has some little cascades and remain seated, fishing. At approximately eleven o'clock at night (Wednesday, 4 January 1983), I saw three lights emerge from the gully facing me. One was white with violet flashes (similar to quartz iodine), another was yellow and the third was red. Suddenly, one of these lights - the white one - fired off a beam of light over the waterfall and the weir that leads to Vallimanca or Salado Creek. It lit up the cascade like it was daytime...suddenly the three lights took off quickly. But they were back moments later. The white light was scanning the water with greater intensity. At a given moment the white light lit up the bridge, and I thought: they're coming. I was under the bridge, some ten or fifteen meters from the cascade. Then, just in case, I moved over to the right and concealed myself in the brush, seeing that the white light was scanning the bridge, as if seeking out the owner of the lantern that I'd left there."

The witness later added: "The white light is very powerful. At first I thought it might be a spotlight, but a spotlight doesn't cast shadows, only light. This was a perpendicular light that lit up the water of all the cascades in the area, which were five or six. In fact, it lit up the entire area as if it was broad daylight." The witness is blunt in other aspects: "The lights could not have come from motorcycles or cars, because they were always facing me. Furthermore, there is barbed wire in that area and no car or motorcycle would have gone there at that speed without knocking something over. The size of each light was larger than that of a soccer ball.

When asked whether he believed in flying saucers he emphatically said no. Asked if it could have been a helicopter, he dismissed the possibility immediately: "I heard no sound of motors or turbines."

One Further Check

One of the most solid guidelines in ufology is the existence of electromagnetic forces that manifest in one way or another during UFO manifestations. These are often of such magnitude that their effect can be detected many days later. A simple compass may be employed to detect geomagnetic alteration. We combed the suspicious area and it was precisely at the estate belonging to Mr. Norberto Gómez that we came across a major geomagnetic inversion of approximately 180 degrees. It was found on an old plow fastened to the ground not far from the location (20 meters) where the enigmatic black circles had appeared.


This case will unquestionably enter UFO case histories as a classic, and merits being quoted by researchers worldwide. It offers no target for naysayers. Its positive nature is impressive and can be summarized thus:

1) Qualified witnesses who attest to the inexplicable loss of 38,000 liters of water from a swimming pool in a single night (over 10 employees at the Banco Nacional de Desarrollo in Olavarría)

2) Over five landowners in Barrio Los Sauces who report the manifestation of black circles (a product of energy combustion)

3) The existence of geomagnetic alterations in at least one of the locations adjacent to the black circles.

4) A clear and blunt statement by Brother Musaragno, the priest, and Dietzel, the soldier, concerning the sighting of a UFO larger than a soccer ball, self-luminous with a powerful white light.

5) A clear and concise reference by the priest to an ecclesiastical superior, who was encountered three light sources of various colors and unknown provenance while fishing.

6) All of this occurring in a very narrow time frame (between 1 and 15 January, 1983).

7) All witnesses have ratified their statements before television cameras.

8) Given the diversity of the phenomenology, all conventional explanations must be discarded (balloons, helicopters, atmospheric plasma, optical illusions, misrepresentations, incorrect interpretations, etc.)

The authors of this article, after a profound analysis of all the events, have deemed this case to be exceptional and one that offers all the signs of authenticity. A major UFO case, and once again in Olavarría, an area prone to UFO contact since 1948.