Friday, July 12, 2019

1947: Argentina's First UFO Sighting

Source: El Día (Argentina) and Marcelo G. Metayer
Date: July 13, 1947

1947: Argentina's First UFO Sighting

Residents of 56 and 25 are convinced that they were not fooled by an optical illusion. They claim to have actually seen the red sphere moving in quickly from the east, only to vanish quickly. "It went that way," they state with absolute conviction, indicating a point in space, when interviewed by reporters. Now they hope at a chance to see another object in the heavens to confirm their statement. In the meantime, aside from a foreseeable case of neck ache, it is likelier to catch a cold during these popular investigations, and its duration would not be nearly as swift as the passage of the fantastic missile. In any event, the legend of the flying saucers, which has spread to every latitude on Earth, appears to keep finding fertile ground in the popular imagination, the only workshop that forges, it would seem, the bizarre devices sweeping across the sky at prodigious speeds, with no fixed trajectory or destination.

Another resident of La Plata claims having seen, with his own eyes, the swift transit of a flying saucer, similar to the ones discovered in other areas by men from this planet. He is a landowner with a farm outside this city. A serious person and - according to his son - not much given to rumors...Therefore, this gentleman told the following story over the dinner table: at the break of day on Monday, he saw a silvery object shaped like a disk pass by at an incredible speed at an estimated altitude of 1000 meters. It was disc-shaped, flying in an impeccable zig-zag pattern. Suddenly, it plunged vertically, falling into a field five hundred meters distant from the observer's perspective. Our man headed to the site, but found no traces of the alleged saucer. Not even smoke. We are back where we started. However, as legal jargon puts it, the discoverer's statement is indivisible. He has seen the real part of the legend, and we, however, can state that there is nothing at all between both platters...

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Marcelo G. Metayer]