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Spain: UFO Activity Over Cádiz - July 2019

Source: Planeta UFO (Argentina) and www.cadizdirecto.com (Spain)
Date: 12 July 2019
An article by José Manuel García Bautista

Spain: UFO Activity Over Cádiz - July 2019

[A report from our longtime collaborator JM García Bautista back to INEXPLICATA - we had the pleasure of translating a number of his articles for FATE magazine in the early 2000s and his work also forms part of INEXPLICATA's collection. We urge our readers to seek them out--SC]

CADIZ DIRECTO. Summer is a season of the year that invites us to spend more time outdoors, enjoying cooler weather on the streets during the pleasant evenings of Andalucia's climate. For this reason, statistically speaking, it is the time of year during which the most UFO sightings are recorded, strictly by definition - objects that are unidentified by the observer in the sky - where the case histories increase exponentially to the number of people in a given environment.

Thus, the month of July [2019] has yielded some truly significant sightings. The first among them - in the region of Jerez - involves a particular encounter. A group of youngsters on its way to Chipiona on July 2 saw a light appear behind their vehicle on the road, making them believe "it was another vehicle seen at a distance, but the light grew brighter and instead of two headlights, a single source of light was visible. That's when one of my friends said: "The guy on the motorcycle could cut his high beams" and I relaxed a little. What is strange is that when the light was nearly on top of us, and we thought it would pass us by, it took to the air, lighting my car from above, and vanished into the sky. That's when we began saying it was a UFO and I had to pull over to recover from the shock." These were the words of a thoroughly unsettled Alberto López. The encounter occurred at 23:14 hours. Given its high degree of strangeness, this event has not been satisfactorily explained.

The next encounter took place in the vicinity of Sanlúcar de Barrameda on July 6, when a couple walking along the beach around midnight witnessed a luminous object moving underwater. "It was very odd, like a blinking light making its way along the canal, by the line of buoys with green and red lights. It moved in a straight line, pulsating, and didn't stop moving," said Manuel García, who suddenly remembered "those shows by Iker Jiménez in which they discuss strange underwater objects and UFOs."

The final sighting was in the Bay of Cádiz itself. It was here, on night of July 10th to the 11th, that strange lights were seen in the sky, "moving randomly and with colors ranging from green to blue. They weren't drones. They were two individual lights. I fly drones and know what they're like, and besides, they were at a considerable height, it was impossible. They were visible at a distance. It lasted a few minutes, and then the lights descended as if they'd fallen into the sea and it was all over," said our eyewitness in an area in which experts such as Eugenio Belgrano have conducted considerable research and formulated conjectures on this area, which acts as a magnet to unknown aerial phenomena.

These are the sightings for a July that has been as unusual as it has been bountiful in encounters of this type. The UFO phenomenon keeps checking in on these latitudes.

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Jose Manuel García Bautista]