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Argentina: UFO Research Organization Claims Interaction with UFOs

Source: Canal 13 San Juan (Argentina) and PLANETA UFO
Date: 08.13.2016

Argentina: UFO Research Organization Claims Interaction with UFOs

Guardianes del Cielo Cuyano has engaged in searching and recording evidence on unidentified flying objects in the airspace of San Juan (Argentina) since 2011. The organization was born in 2011, founded by a group of UFO enthusiasts. "Taking advantage of the fact that we have the mountains so close to us in Pocito, we were used to going there and a number of events caught our attention. When we began seeing things that were too strange, removing satellites, the space station and airplanes from the equation, we began recording them," says Jorge, a member of the group, which now boasts over 60 volunteers.

"We work with some very high-tech equipment, from our cameras to ground tracking applications. We started out with cruder cameras that we outfitted for nocturnal sightings, and as time went by we wanted to have a better video image. We acquired a densifier that is one of its kind in Latin America - a special camera that magnifies light particles. Any tiny object can be quickly identified," said the Guardianes.

As they told the Sucios y Desprolijas TV show, it is not necessary to wait until nightfall to see an unknown object. "There are many daylight sightings - in the afternoon, in the morning. What exists is a preparation of the area we visit. We normally visit areas we consider as 'hotspots', identified previously and in which people claim to see certain anomalies," according to researchers.

A team member recalled an occasion on Cerro Plateado around three o'clock in the morning: a flashing object was emitting certain flashes every 10 to 15 seconds, but was suspended in the very same place. According to the young man, the object remained there between half an hour and 45 minutes, and did not appear as an identifiable object in satellite identification software.

Moreover, Jorge, one of the researchers, remarked: "We have had the chance to see an object, aimed a laser pointer at it, and then received a luminous response. There are even a couple of videos shown in other countries and it draws their attention."

The San Juan "UFO hunters" say that their nocturnal skywatches are usually on Sundays. However, they are constantly researching the UFO phenomenon worldwide.

"There is life beyond earth, without question. This phenomenon has been manifesting on our planet for years. We have still not made contact, but have had the opportunity to know that they are not from here, and that encourages us to keep studying it."


[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]