Thursday, August 01, 2019

Cattle Mutilations: Mutilated Calf Found Alive

Source: Luis Burgos (ICOU/FAO) and La Arena (Argentina)
Date: 07.30.2019

Cattle Mutilations: Mutilated Calf Found Alive

A few days ago, news of another mutilated animal in the province was a cause for alarm and surprise for many. Today, Tuesday, a calf was found in similar conditions, but what is striking about this case is that the animal is alive.

According to Infotec, the discovery took place in a tambo (small farm) located 15 kilometers to the east of Realicó and some 7 to the west of Adolfo Van Praet. The calf's upper maxilofacial region is mutilated and it is missing the upper part of its muzzle.

The owners of the field in which the phenomenon occurred found the animal in this condition on Monday afternoon. The farm is called "El Boyero" and is located to the south of National Highway 188 at the Kilometer 466 marker.

The calf was born under normal conditions last Thursday - in other words, it showed no signs of injury. However, it vanished the next day and was seen again on Monday. It was in a distant lot and when they approached, they could see the injuries in question.

The animal presents not only an absence of the entire muscular part, but also its bones, including teeth. What is surprising is that the calf was found to have normal bodily functions and could be fed despite its inability to nurse. The owners of the property have no idea of what the causes of this event may be.

WARNING: The video of the mutilated calf can be seen at this link and it is quite sobering

[Translation (c) 2019 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos, Investigadores de Campo Unidos (ICOU) and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO). Credit for the photo and video belong to INFOTEC.]