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Mexico: “A City Visited By Saucers”

Source: Contactos Extraterrestres #19 (from the files of Alfonso Salazar)
Date: August 17, 1977

Mexico: “A City Visited By Saucers”

[Mr. Salazar writes: This is case investigated by Carlos Guzmán, director of CIFEEAC, the oldest UFO research group in Mexico, established in 1969. This case refers to a sighting in the Nativitas district in 1970]

Sightings are becoming increasingly more common, and we have an example of this in the vast amount of correspondence we receive daily, in which readers describe the characteristics and details about the times in which they have been able to see UFOs.

The accounts submitted coincide, at times, on a broad number of points and – here’s what’s truly surprising – these are not isolated cases. Rather, sightings that take place within a given perimeter and on a variety of days.

For a few months now we have been receiving a considerable amount of mail from the southern areas of the city, where readers claim having witnessed an iridescent UFO that sometimes remains in the sky for several minutes. Readers from this area mention the color, time visible, times it appears, physical characteristics and several other points as a common reference. This phenomenon has been constant since 1976, as far as we have been able to determine based on our correspondence.

Oddly enough, we find in our files a sighting that occurred in Southern Mexico City in 1970, and whose description is nearly identical to the one given by the aforementioned readers. This leads us to suppose that the same UFO has been visiting the area for many years.

As a matter of interest, we are reproducing the information compiled by [Illegible] in 1970, who managed to obtain some diagrams that specify the area in which the case occurred. This, then, is the report:

“On July 18, 1970, Mr. Manuel Domínguez and his wife, Mrs. Rocío Ruiz de Dominguez, were outside their home between 11: 00 and 11:30 PM when their attention was suddenly drawn to a fireball apparently hailing from south of the city. Visibility was excellent that evening; there were some stars in the sky. Mr. and Mrs. Domínguez excitedly summoned their children, who were watching TV, so they could witness the phenomenon. They all went out to the sidewalk to look at the object. As it passed over a small cloud bank, it left a very clear wake resembling sea foam.

“The UFO continued on its way, and stopped producing its wake in the vicinity of the Nativitas district, where it made an abrupt vertical change. The family had to go up to the first story of their house in order to [missing from text]. The object’s speed was constant at all times, and superior to that of aircraft.

“With regard to size, they said that it had the [apparent] size of an orange, and had a fixed light. The sighting lasted nearly three minutes.”

A few blocks away from the Domínguez home, watchman Serafín Vázquez witnessed the same event, and his descriptions fit perfectly with those of the initial witnesses. Without fail, whenever we receive mail from the Mexico City informing us of a sighting, and if the opening lines say it took place in the city’s southern reaches, we immediately imagine that it involves the aforementioned case, which has been reported to us by many readers.

[Translation (c)2019 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Alfonso Salazar]