Friday, March 26, 2021

Argentina: María José Habiaga and The Dolores Triangle



YO FUI TESTIGO (I Was a Witness)

A Series by ICOU (Investigadores de Campo OVNIS Unidos - United UFO Field Researchers)

Episode 7

María José Habiaga and The Dolores Triangle

 "Greetings all. Welcome to a new installment of Yo Fui Testigo. My name is Maria Jose, I'm from Dolores, Province of Buenos Aires, and I am a member of FAO (Argentinean Ufology Foundation)in Dolores - I represent my city in FAO My experience was a brief one; it must have taken place around 2013. We were on our way back with friends from having done errands, and I have this habit of looking at the sky, which I love doing. I looked up and saw the glare of streetlights, but then I saw something anomalous, something unusual, but I couldn't tell what it was. I shielded my face from the glare, and that's when I managed to make out a triangle...ahh...flying very slowly from south to north, from Mar del Plata toward Buenos Aires. It contrasted perfectly against the sky, having a dark grey color, almost black, but it contrasted very, very well against the sky.

"I asked my friend to take a look, she scooted over to have a better view, she saw it, and we exchanged "what-could-that-be" looks. What is it we were seeing? We started talking among ourselves, conforming that we were seeing something that couldn't be, because it truly startled us. It moved super slowly - I had the impression that it was floating. It wasn't straight, it was somewhat tilted, and moved like this [gesticulates motion]. It had whitish yellow lights, and what struck me the most is that the lights were illuminated but cast no light. They didn't provide any brightness, as would a bulb.

"My friend and I disagreed on whether the object had lights on its ends. I saw an additional set of lights on it from my perspective. So, well...we were frightened and after having the conversation about not being crazy, that we were in fact seeing the same thing, we took off running toward my house. We were really frightened. Our eyes were glassy from our nerves. We were laughing and exchanging wide-eyed looks. This happened around my house, now I will check to see if I can show you the location more or less, if it's visible from yard, otherwise we'll go to [inaudible].

"This is the view from this perspective, behind my house. At the time, the white house wasn't there, and that yellow house either, so it would have been visible from my house. And now I'll show you the place from where we saw it.

"This is the route we took - we came this way - my house is over there, around the corner [gestures with hand] and straight in that direction is the backyard we were recording from. This is the streetlight whose glare didn't let us see clearly. [Points at sky] and there, above the bulb, was where the object was floating on a Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires heading. [Points at clouds] It was as high as those little clouds you see there, because I'm unable to estimate it in meters. So this was the place.

"Well, that was my experience. I hope you enjoyed it. I don't know if it was an extraterrestrial phenomenon, a terrestrial one, but I would like to see it again. This time I wouldn't run away. I would stay to see how this craft, or phenomenon, behaved. If you're interested in the subject of triangles, Luis Burgos has a re-creation and an interview about the Mechita Incident which is super interesting, and I also invite you to watch the other chapters of Yo Fui Testigo created by my ICOU colleagues. Much love and thank you for your time."

[Translation (c) 2021. S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos and María José Habiaga]