Friday, March 12, 2021

Paranormal: First Person Account from Rural Argentina


Yo Fui Testigo ("I Was a Witness")

A Series by ICOU (Investigadores de Campo OVNIS Unidos - United UFO Field Researchers)

An experience shared by Juan Manuel Spalletti

 I would like to share this story with all of you. One of many we've experienced in this location - Estancia Rincón in the city of La Plata - and this one occurred during a family supper, when my mother told my siblings - I happened to be away with my uncles - to come back into the house as it was getting late. It was Sunday afternoon (clears throat), some of my father's friends were present. My siblings went to bed, and at a distance of some twenty meters, my father had a tambo (milking parlor) in front of the house, over which the light would hover. It was under a gasoline fixture.

 Suddenly the desperate barking of dogs could be heard, and everyone looked outside, wanting to see the reason. It was a warm evening, and well, the same story was told my entire life. It was something fantastic. They saw..uh...something luminous approaching them from between the trees, while the animals went wild. There was an uproar coming from pig pens, very impressive, and that luminous thing had a shape. The dogs began attacking it, and my father, a rural man, grabbed a knife, as did his friends, and they went outside to confront it.

 And that thing stopped in front of the house; it looked like a being some 20 meters distant in the wilderness. When all the men came out - it must have been six or seven of them at least, and this is something my father always talks about - I don't know how high their adrenaline levels must have been, but I do know that had consumed some wine, and furthermore my mother was present, and the wife of one...of one of the men present was there too. And that thing began moving away, as my father explains it, it looked like a large pig, a luminous being that ran through the wilderness. So it vanished into the wilderness. Uh, my mother was always a devout Christian, and when my father went to inspect the tambo, she went to look at the spot where the being had stood, and she says she found a crucifix, which she still had to the very last day of her life. An iron or silver crucifix, which is now kept in Maipú, my hometown. That was a place that was closely related to the activity in the 1970s, with the subject of the "desaparecidos" and all that.

 So what do I know? Well, this could've just been a tale, but my father still retells it verbatim to this day. He's seventy years old, and he's retold it while drinking a glass of wine, he's retold it drinking mate, and [the story] is the same from beginning to end. He had a lot of friends who were policemen and who patrolled that area, which was quite extensive. And they would tell him: "I don't know how you have it in you to live out here. We try to avoid entering Estancia Rincón at night because we've seen many things." This is what motivated me to develop a passion for these subjects - I'm not a researcher, I'm just a fan, and a listener of the kind of stories that sometimes make us wonder whether we're alone in the universe, or if there are other realities that we're not aware of. Kind regards to all, Juan Manuel, FAO Maipú.

[Translation & Transcrption (c) 2021 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos - FAO/ICOU and Juan Manuel Spalletti]