Tuesday, April 19, 2022

ARGENTINA: Backwoodsman Encounters the Ucumar (Andean Bigfoot) in Metán



Source: El Tribuno

Date: 04.13.2022

An article by Adrián Quiroga

ARGENTINA: Backwoodsman Encounters the Ucumar (Andean Bigfoot) in Metán

[This is the first report of the Ucumar Zupai to reach our desk in many years. Perhaps the climate disruptions experienced in the southern cone over recent months have served to flush out the elusive cousins of the North American Sasquatch - SC]

"It was like a large, hairy, dark gorilla. It jumped a fence when I lit it with my torch," he said.

The chilling story was told in the aftermath of a shock experienced by a backwoodsman from Pasteadero, a wilderness area located to the north of Metán, where he claimed having clearly seen the Ucumar.

"I'd just finished watching a football match when I heard the dogs barking. They were very restless. I then went outside with my flashlight and when I lit it up, I saw something incredible with my own eyes, something I'd never suspected: That horrible thing walked slowly and crossed the fence," said the man, who lives alone in an area farm.

"I didn't try to follow it because I was very scared. I went back inside the house and locked myself in. Couldn't sleep all night," said the gaucho.

The backwoodsman says he was raised in the country and had never seen anything like it. "The dogs went after that animal but pulled back and returned home. Furthermore, the horses wanted to jump the fence and leave the area. It was awful," he added.

He described it as a gorilla or large, hairy animal, standing some 1.70 meters tall (5.57 ft). "That thing was neither human nor a common animal," he affirmed.

[Translation (c) 2022 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Jorge Salinas]