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OVNI-RADIO ICOU: The Punta Lara Humanoid

Source: FAO / ICOU

Date: 04.22.22

 OVNI-RADIO ICOU: The Punta Lara Humanoid

Los Invasores - Humanoid Case Histories

By Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos

01. The Punta Lara Humanoid

 Nelson Polanco (NP): "Good evening, dear listeners. Well, today we're bringing you a close encounter of the third kind that took place on January 21, 2019. It was the night of the eclipse - a major lunar eclipse which was visible from many parts of the country - and on that night, several cases occurred, not only the Christian Llano incident, but also various other sightings involving a green-hued UFO over districts of the city of La Plata, where we were told about these sightings involving the green light in the skies over the city. Well, we are here with Christian Llano, who had a truly wrenching experience near the island, a place known as La isla del rio Santiago (Santiago River Island), a coastal area some eight kilometers distant from downtown La Plata. Well, good evening to you Christian."

Christian Llano (CL): "Good evening, Nelson, and good evening all. Well, this occurred on the twenty-first of January, the night of the eclipse. We chose the location because it is quiet and not overly illuminated. We got our mate tea equipment ready, which is essential, something to eat, and we left home at 9 p.m. toward that location, looking forward to seeing the eclipse. It was a lovely, clear evening, and well, we headed for the location."

Nelson Polanco: "Christian, when you say, 'we went' - who were going? What did you go in, and who were involved?"

Christian Llano: "We went in my own car, a Volkswagen 1500. It was my family - my wife and two year old daughter."

NP: "Very good. In other words, you'd chosen that location to watch the eclipse."

CL: "Yes, it was a summer evening, clear skies, and we chose the site due to the low amount of light pollution and how quiet it was."

NP: "It's true. There's not much light pollution there and the skies are more clearly visible there than elsewhere. So what happened, Christian? You reached the site..."

CL: "We reached the site an hour later, around 10 p.m., had something to drink, the girl was playing, the location is so safe she can be allowed to wander at will, mindful that we were at the edge of the intake canal to the Santiago River. While we waited for the eclipse, which was going to be after midnight, we were able to see a lot of air traffic over the area coming in from Colonia in Uruguay, and...traffic departing from Aeroparque and Saiz."

NP: "A question, Christian. I know the place. It's frequented by fishermen who use the canal; it has a few boats that have run aground, abandoned there decades ago. Also, Christian, only a few meters away from where you were with your family, there's a major naval station."

CL: "Yes, there's the Escuela Naval Militar (Military Naval School) where ships are at harbor, the ones that used to belong to the merchant marine, which no longer exists and are mothballed, just anchored at the site."

NP: "Going back to the sighting you witnessed with your wife and little girl. Was this before or after the eclipse?"

CL: "No. It was before the eclipse, because when it turned midnight, the fact was that I'd misunderstood the timing of the event. The eclipse occurred later, at about two o'clock in the morning, and the baby was getting restless, so we decided to head for home. The time was 12:20 a.m. more or less."

NP: "So you missed the eclipse due to a miscalculation on your part, shall we say."

CL: "Ah, we missed it at that location. Later on, my wife and I would see it from home, from our own yard."

NP: "So what did you do? You picked up your things --"

CL: "We picked up our things and headed for home."

NP: "Not very many people around, Christian?"

CL: "It surprised me. It's a place that's popular for fishing, and there were no people there, no one around. The few people around were there to view the eclipse. I was later reminded of a myth, or a saying, about not fishing during the full moon because fish tends to spoil faster. So that's the reason I believe there weren't any fishermen at the scene.

NP: "Good. So then you started to make your way back home. I've visited the site on three or four separate occasions, and I believe I even went there on a bicycle. I think there's only one point of access to the island.

CL: "Yes, yes. There's only one way in to the naval station and Santiago Island."

NP: "I agree with you that that area, particularly that street, leading to the naval station, is very dark. It has very little lighting.

CL: "It's paved road in very good condition. It has light posts, but for some reason there's no electric supply to them, and therefore there's no light. In other words, you have the light posts, but they don't work.

NP: "So what happened on your way back? You left the naval station --

CL: "First we left Santiago Island, went past the naval station, and at roughly one kilometer from the naval station, my wife said, "Can you see that thing up ahead?" and well, I set my eyes on something I found strange. It was on the right-hand curb, on the passenger's side. Beings I estimated as standing taller than two meters (6.5 ft), lusterless silver in color, rather thin, standing on the side of the road.

NP: "How far away were you...what made you say it was a being? Was it something about their height, did something strike you?"

CL: "What struck me was their height, and their very slender physique. Very slender limbs, long, elongated."

NP: "So what caught your attention was that this wasn't a normal person?"

CL: "No, not [normal] at all."

NP: "And what was this guy doing? Was he standing facing you, sideways --?"

CL: "No, he was sideways, as if he were about to cross the street, with his head turned, as if bothered by the car's headlights."

NP: "Good."

CL: "I was driving with my low lights on."

NP: "So when you saw him, it was approximately how far away?"

CL: "Seventy or eighty meters" (230-260 ft.)

NP: "Which is about the range of the car's lights."

CL: "At that moment I checked the car's speedometer and I was driving some forty or forty-five kmh."

NP: "And what did your wife want to do?"

CL: "She wanted to stop."

NP: "Seriously? Wait, did she want to stop to have a better look, or stop to avoid going past the creature?"

CL: "First, she wanted me to stop. Then, at that moment, I turned off the car's lights to see if I could make it out better. I have a problem with my eyes that was caused by electric arc welding, which causes me to have not a distortion, but more like a reflection at night. So I turned off the lights, and I was seeing the same thing I could view with the lights on. It was a being. And when I turned off the lights, it crossed [the street]."

NP: "Right. It crossed the street?

CL: "It crossed the street. Then my wife said, go, go!"

NP: [Illegible] there was no one behind you, in the distance?"

CL: "No, not at all. Not at the moment."

NP: "So let's recap this. You were driving along in your car, on a road in perfect condition, not very well lit, and at a distance of seventy or eighty meters, you saw a being. A being of humanoid appearance, anthropomorphic, who at a given moment decided to cross the street, and who did so when you slowed down and turned off your lights."

CL: "He crossed the street."

NP: "And what did this being do?"

CL: "Crossed the street, and when he reached the opposite curb, he began penetrating the vegetation. As I drove past, I lost him from sight. Lost him at that time. And my wife said: 'don't stop' at that time. She said don't stop and I kept on going. My wife then leaned out the window and saw it peeking from the vegetation. It hid itself again and we lost sight of it.

NP: "There was a single [creature]?"

CL: "A single one."

NP: "So when the being crossed the street, it went into the tall bushes, into the cane field that's there, yet it peeked out after you'd driven by?"

CL: "Yes."

NP: "Did you both see the same thing?"

CL: "Yes, yes."

NP: "So...what happened later? Did you see anything else?"

CL: "No, we didn't see anything else."

NP: "So what else was your wife saying? Tell me, because she was very brave in putting her head out the window."

CL: "At first, she was scared. We wondered what it might have been, but no, she wasn't frightened later on. She has no problem in talking about the matter. We've returned to the site several times on later occasions, but without any luck. We were always left with the doubt about what it was we saw at that place."

NP: "Christian, I really want to thank you for talking with us about this case, which is enthralling and incredible for those of us who follow close encounters of the third kind. They're not a novelty in this location. As I told you, there have been incidents in the past. Thank you so much and good night."

[Transcription and Translation (c) 2022 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos]