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LOS INVASORES (The Invaders) - Humanoid Case Histories - The Suárez Case, Part 1


LOS INVASORES (The Invaders) - Humanoid Case Histories

By Nelson Polanco and Luis Burgos

07. The Suárez Case - Part 1

 Nelson Polanco: Good evening, dear friends. Welcome to another installment of Los Invasores. How are you doing, Luis?

Luis Burgos: Fine, Nelson. Fine. Looking forward to hearing in your own words about a case that I found fascinating at the time, and which you investigated with your brother Alcides around 1990 in a region close to La Plata. So, I'm all ears, and as you speak, I'll be making side notes about this incident, which in my opinion was among the best to have taken place in the vicinity of La Plata.

NP: As you know, Luis, I had to rummage through my chest of memories when you brought this case to mind. There was so, so much humanoid activity in the 1990s that this was simply one more, yet it is a truly incredible case which occurred only a few kilometers away from downtown La Plata. This all took place in the Villalisa district on October 5th, 1997, at around six o'clock a.m. or thereabouts.

LB: What were the facts of the case?

NP: Well, it so happened that I had a radio show at the time at an FM station in the Melchor Romero district, alongside my brother Alcides. We liked it, we really enjoyed UFO case histories, and the show was called CONTACTO. The FM station was local with limited range, but we aired it once a week regardless at night. So during one of the shows, we opened the lines for callers. One of the calls we received was from a lady, the main witness, sadly deceased now. Her name was Dora Suarez, and well, she told us she'd had an incident in Villalisa in which some beings had materialized in the back of her property, a UFO had landed, and so forth. So many people were calling in. We took down the information, and time permitting, and if we were interested, we would pay a visit to the site. And so it was that my brother Alcides and I headed over to Villalisa and got in touch with the woman and her son, who had been the witnesses. Dora Suarez and Raul Suarez. She was around fifty years old at the time, and her son was nineteen.

The events occurred on a Sunday, very early, at around six in the morning, at daybreak. Dora woke up around 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m., worried about her dog - she owned a little dog in the back of the property - and it was barking away. She was afraid, as she was alone at the time, and given the fact that there had been burglaries in the area, she thought robbers could be involved. Given that the dog wouldn't stop barking, Dora peeked through the window, and upon seeing nothing, shouted to the dog to be quiet. The dog, however, kept barking. Minutes later her son showed up. He had come from a dance hall - I'm not sure if you remember, it was called "Escándalo Bailable" - not far from the Villalisa district.

LB: Our listeners will remember it because it was the last dance hall where Rodrigo performed. Minutes after leaving the club he was killed.

NP: Exactly, he died on the highway. So anyway, Raul had returned from this dance hall, feeling exhausted, and went straight to bed. Dora kept hearing the dog barking, and when she looked again, she saw something strange going on in the back of the property. There was a sort of 'balloon' back there...

LB: Morning had already broken by then. The time must have been ten past six or so.

NP: Yes, the sun was already out.

LB: Now, Nelson, let's stress the first point. What you're telling us lead us to suppose that the phenomenon began much earlier, when the dog began to bark. That is to say, that the UFO you've described was already there.

NP: Exactly. After speaking to the witness, I feel that the UFO had landed at that spot during the night. It's anybody's guess how long it had been sitting there, since she told me she was awakened by the barking of the dog.

LB: Using the dog's barking as our measure of time, we can say that it barked at that UFO for at least half an hour. Those people, that UFO...

NP: Precisely. She woke up around five in the morning, and we can suppose that the UFO descended around four a.m. approximately. Perhaps earlier.

LB: Yes, yes, we don't exactly know how long, which is a common factor in case histories, especially in humanoid incidents. The witnesses get to see the end of the event, the object takes off, shoots away into the sky, but there's no clear idea of how long they've been prowling around, carrying out their objective. It's very common within the humanoid phenomenon.

NP: What you're saying is that it's very hard for a witness to identify the descent of the craft.

LB: Right. It's very unusual to see the UFO descend, seen by the witness, and later take off. You can count such events on your fingers. The [humanoids] were already there, but we don't know for how long.

NP: Exactly. So this case fits...

LB: ...a common pattern followed by the phenomenon.

NP: Perfect.

LB: So how did it play out?

NP: The woman saw this sort of balloon, as she described it. She used a balloon for comparison. She didn't say object, didn't say craft, what's more, we refer to it verbatim in the story as 'balloon'.

LB: What was the size of the balloon?

NP: Approximately two meters or so.

LB: Was it on the ground?

NP: No, neither Dora nor Raul was able to see it on the ground. They said the object was 'quasi-landed' over the rear of the property. What kept them from seeing it fully - and they did mention it - because there was a very bright light between the object and the ground, a very white, bright light that made their eyes burn if they looked at it too long. So that light kept them from seeing if the object was really on the ground. So given that the dog wouldn't stop barking, Dora Suarez got to see this very strange object in the back of her property, and she went to wake up her son, who had just gone to bed minutes earlier. She urged him to wake up, as there was something strange in the back of the property. Groggily, the boy woke up thinking there were burglars the back, seeing his mother's anxiety.

That's when the two of them went to the back of the property and faced the object.

LB: How far were they from [the object]?

NP: Some twenty meters. They described it as a silver balloon, leaden, with dents in parts of its circumference. This is verbatim, Luis.

LB: Incredible.

NP: It was dented in some parts, but what's most surprising is that both Dora and Raul said exactly the same thing: that the object appeared to be pulsating. By their description, the object appeared to be breathing. Dora Suarez even believed there was someone inside this balloon, causing the movement from within.

LB: Like someone inside a tent.

NP: Exactly. Raul and Dora agreed that the object seemed to have a kind of palpitation - it breathed, it swelled, it deflated.

LB: Now there are points I'd like to draw up from memory as background information. The dent description is crucial in a UFO description, assuming state of the art technology. I'm reminded of the words of Jolié Moreno in Trancas (*) when she said: "Luis, it had rivets." Anyone supposing that an object traveling light years from the stars wouldn’t have rivets, much less dents [in its hull]. Truly incredible. What you're telling me about the palpitation is essential, and you'll be surprised when we make the comparative ufology, because we come across the high strangeness event of UFOs that appear to breathe or pulsate, as if they were living creatures, some kind of biological element, and what you're telling me fits perfectly in all this. So what do you think about pausing here and continuing in the next installment of Los Invasores?

NP: Perfect. Delighted.

[To be continued]