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 Chile: Two Alleged UFOs Flew Over Santiago de Chile



Source: - Redacción Tecnología

Date: 18 October 2022

 Chile: Two Alleged UFOs Flew Over Santiago de Chile

 A white, luminous, rhomboidal shape. This is what two alleged UFOs that flew over Santiago the Chile looked like. The images were shared on social media and quickly went viral.

According to Chilean websites, the images were shared by Ricardo Faundez from his @Despotricardo account. The event occurred last Monday; however there is no accurate date for the alleged sighting.

His recording has already accrued 200,000 visits, shares and comments. The objects can be seen flying in the capital city's skies.

However, astronomer Thomas Puzia - through the Ultimas Noticias website - determined that while the video quality is questionable, the recording may involve a planetary sighting rather than 'extraterrestrials'.

"Two bright planets are currently visible in the sky, Saturn and Jupiter, and their appearance in the afternoon hours is probably the cause for the increase in sightings, as well as interpretations of this sort by enthusiast observers," Puzia explained.

Another of the details pointed out by the expert is that in most instances, these sightings are questionable because most people have no idea of what a satellite and a shooting star look like. Therefore, a 'planetary conjunction' could be easily mistaken for a UFO sighting.

Furthermore, the sighting could be a visual effect generated by the camera's light conditions, captured a the exact moment of the planetary alignment.

"The person who usually records the events does not focus the camera properly, whether manual or autofocus. The camera's diaphragm is unable to corroborate the capture, resulting in defocus," explained a photographer who learned of the viral case.

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