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Dominican Republic: Unidentified Flying Object Over Dajabón



Source: Noticias Telemicro 5

Date: April 8, 2022

Dominican Republic: Unidentified Flying Object Over Dajabón

[Voice of Anchorwoman] "Over in Dajabón people are apparently in a state of consternation due to the sighting of an unidentified flying object. Javier Genau brings us the story. We can hear you, Javier, good evening."

[Reporter on Location] "Thank you Elianta, good evening. Astonishment and concern have resulted from the sighting of unidentified flying objects in this community on the border of the Dominican Republic."

[Eyewitness] "An unidentified flying object had never been seen around these parts. It was high up, way up there, wasn't balloons, since balloons spread out."

[Reporter] "And what happened over the time that you witnessed this phenomenon?"

[Eyewitness] "It vanished. After a while it vanished."

[2nd Eyewitness] "If this had been, for example, birds or something along those lines, or balloons or kites, you'd see them moving from one side to another, more or less. It was there, and then it vanished.

[Anchorwoman] "And for how long did they see these alleged unidentified flying objects?"

[Reporter] "Elianta, the greatest cause of concern to border residents, mainly those who were able to see the phenomenon, is how quickly each of (these objects) vanished from the sky. This is the information I've gathered from Dajabón, capital of the border region, Javier Genau for Telemicro."

 [Translation (c) 2023 INEXPLICATA with thanks to Noticias Telemicro]