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Spain: Humanoids in Galicia (1999)













Humanoids in Galicia

by Grupo FENIX

INEXPLICATA No.5 - Winter 1999

 The UFO wave remains in full force throughout the northern par to the country and some very well documented cases are becoming known. ENIGMAS magazine has visited the locations which have been in the news lately to present new data regarding the strange visits being reported in certain parts of Galicia, as told by the witnesses to this event.

 On Thursday, February 20th, the village of Paradaseca (Orense), belonging to the municipality of Chanderxa de Quiexa, found its usual peacefulness disturbed by a strange visit. Local shepherd Heliodoro Núñez, 76, was the hapless protagonist of an incident involving a number of 3 meter-tall entities. "It was around  four in the afternoon, more or less, when I was with the herd in a field located some three kilometers from the detour on the Chandrexa road, along the Devesas River. Suddenly, the dogs started barking and staring at a point behind me. At first I thought I might have to do with wolves, but when I turned around and saw those tall, weird "things", I realized they were no wolves..."

 On the days following the event, members of La Coruña's Grupo Fenix visited the scene. The aged witness assured them that he had been able to see with great clarity two enormous beings looking over the hedges. They stood in excess of three meters and [their heads] were covered by something similar to a strange "mortarboard" or "luminous bishop's mitre". The whole--the two beings, who were like "Siamese twins" and their curious headgear--changed color in unison, acquiring various shades of red, blue, yellow and green...

 "It was otherworldly," stated Heliodoro Núñez, "and the fact is that I began to pray when I saw the apparition." The fear this man experienced did not go unnoticed by his closest relatives over the following days. Heliodoro's wife told ENIGMAS that "he arrived home feeling very, very scared. He prayed for a long time and spent two sleepless nights afterward, unable to eat anything. I can't tell you what he saw, but it scared him very much."

 Aside from Heliodoro Núñez, our companions found another witness to this spectacular event. Juan González González,42, a resident of Casteligo (also in Chandrexa de Queixa municipality) claimed that on the very same day and time, and at the same place where the humanoid encounter occurred, he saw a deep red light motionless over the treetops. Given the distance separating him from the man from Paradaseca, he was unable to see the "two giants". He did confirm, however, that when he came across Heliodoro, the man was "running with this goats in fear." Forty-eight hours later, Juan González told Orense's La Región newspaper: "At first I thought it was a fire, but no smoke rose from it. I also thought it was a tractor, but it couldn't be. It could've been a balloon, but it didn't move at all. I don't know what it was, but it easily measured three meters."

 The investigation is ongoing. Members of Grupo Fenix have found some metallized spheres at the site which are being subjected to analysis to identify their nature.

 Almost simultaneously, Heliodoro Núñez's son began experiencing night terrors and pronounced ocular irritation. It would seem that the 25 year old man appeared in his parent's bedroom the night before, carrying a mattress and fully ready to spend the night with them. According to his account, he was afraid of sleeping in his room since "strange lights were appearing before him."


 The incident in Chandrexa de Queixa municipality is by no means the last one. In the early morning hours of Saturday, March 15, a rhomboidal object was filmed from the top of the A Espenuca hill in the town of Betanzos. The object consisted of five and six lights, alternately. The aerial phenomenon was caught on film at 04:13 hours while a group of youngsters followed the progress of comet Hale-Bopp. A day later, at 19:00 hours, a couple and their son were driving along the Alto de Sesta highway near Abadín (Lugo), when they were able to see a spectacular celestial event they compared to Fátima's "dance of the sun".

[Translation (c) 1999, 2023 Scott Corrales, INEXPLICATA]