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Colombia: The Man Abducted by a UFO in Tabio











Source: El Tiempo (newspaper)

Date: 16-oct-2021

 Colombia: The Man Abducted by a UFO in Tabio

 Residents of this area adjacent to Bogotá claim having seen flying saucers.

 In the early 1990s, Luis Heberto Rodríguez - a farmer who dutifully milked his cows every morning - suddenly vanished.

 That day, according to residents of Tabio, in the department of Cundinamarca, everyone wondered why they hadn't seen him around town as was his custom every morning.

 On the next day, the media throughout the country reported the appearance of a man, 37 years old at the time, in Pitalito, Huila. He said he had been kidnapped by a spaceship. It was Luis Heberto. Since then Tabio was never the same quiet municipality it had been.

 Several television news organizations and newspapers like EL TIEMPO, El Espacio, and El Espectador carried the strange story. EL TIEMPO reported the event on April 5, 1991 under the headline: "From Tenjo to UFO" in which Rodríguez reported what had supposedly transpired.

 "A powerful light came out of the object. It focused on my horse, causing it to weaken until it knelt on the ground. I was later placed in a glass cabinet, where three beings in silver suits made me lower my trousers and placed a glass object on my back. Whenever the light turned on, I became unconscious and saw a tunnel with many entrances, much like flying on an airplane across high mountain ranges."

 The farmer suddenly realized that it was Wednesday night, shortly past eight o'clock, all alone in a meadow near Pitalito. "That's where the object left me."

 After walking for an hour, Luis Heberto reached the Pitalito police station.

 Many thought he was insane. Others suggested that he was suffering the effects of scopolamine. But his candid expression and the ghost of a terrible experience, reflected on his features, caused others to take him seriously.

 The original article ends with: "Today, Luis Heberto - a married man and the father of two children, ages 7 and 5, is hoping to return to Tenjo to meet his family and his employer, Raul Gutiérrez."

 The story caused curiosity seekers to visit the municipality in hopes of living a similar experience to that of Luis Heberto. However, abduction (kidnapping by beings from another galaxy) is a subject that still causes doubts among experts.

 Anthropologist Esteban Cruz Niño notes that accounts of mystical abductions are nothing new, since the ancient Greeks spoke of gods who came to earth to take people to Mt.Olympus.

 "Some psychiatrists argue that these are psychotic breaks," says Cruz, "because they lose consciousness and have no idea of what they've done during that period of time. The story of this man from Tabio could be a hoax. It is likelier that he man was a hoaxer."

 In spite of the fact that ufologists (the discipline that studies UFOs) note that these abduction episodes are verifiable, Niño explains that it was learned in due course that Heberto traveled to Huila by bus and it was all a deception.

 Nothing more was ever heard from Luis Heberto in the town. It is said that he opened a clinic in Bogotá - boasting that he had healing powers - and some say he died in 2018.

 The fact is that people kept visiting Tabio with the hope of having an encounter with beings from other worlds, since stories of strange objects persist in the town.

 Researchers, curiosity seekers and people from all over the world have visited the site, some 45 kilometers from Bogotá, to hear these stories of extraterrestrials and flying saucers firsthand. Tabio is located in the province of Sabana Centro. Its streets, mostly paved with cobblestones, still retain their colorful colonial look. It is a quiet place, best known for its main tourist attraction: the thermal springs at Zipa, as well as other activities such as hiking.

 While some of its nearly 30,000 inhabitants insist that they have never seen a UFO, most say that at some moment, as strange light caught their attention.

 Among them is Cristian Orozco, 27, who has lived in the area some 19 years. This young man usually guides the curious who arrive in Tabio hoping to go camping and learn more of Cerro Huaica, one of the town’s reference points.

 "There are those who claim having seen lights and strange objects in the sky," Cristian notes. "This could be true or false. The fact is that I have seen them myself, and I know that what goes on here is true."

 Cristian says that around the year 2000, he first saw a gleaming light over Cerro Huaica. The light did not move - it merely rotated on its own axis. It went up and down until it vanished. Three months later, as he returned from school, Orozco claims having seen a craft in the sky. He insists that the no longer had doubts that these beings were visiting the municipality, since the sunlight reflected on the object, which was motionless.

 "It was a clear day," Cristian recalls. "The craft remained still, motionless, for a few minutes, before taking off so quickly I couldn’t follow it with my sight. That day I knew the story of beings from space visiting Tabio was true."

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